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Outgoing President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, Plans to Move to Spain After His Term Ends

Argentina’s outgoing leftist President, Alberto Fernández, recently announced in an interview with Spanish newspaper El País that he will be moving to Spain once his presidential term ends on December 10.

When asked about his plans for December 11, the day after he hands over the presidency, Fernández stated that he has “some proposals to go to Spain to teach again.” Fernández, who is a lawyer, has previously worked as a law school teacher and most recently taught classes at Buenos Aires University in April.

He expressed the need to take some distance from the presidency, saying, “We have to let the newcomer be able to work without having what we had from the first day, which was the permanent harassment of not letting us do anything.”

Credit: Gabriel Bouys/Reuters

Fernández’s presidency, which lasted from 2019 to 2023, was characterized by high levels of social unrest and a severe economic crisis in Argentina. The country is currently grappling with an inflation rate of over 140 percent, a rising poverty rate of 40 percent as of September, a weakened national currency, and negative foreign reserves according to private calculations.

Under Fernández’s leadership, Argentina also developed closer ties with China, joining the Belt and Road Initiative in February 2022.

After Fernández, libertarian economist Javier Milei will take over the presidency. However, Milei and his likely Foreign Minister, Diana Mondino, have rejected the idea of Argentina joining the expanded BRICS trade and security bloc.

Fernández did not run for reelection this year, and Sergio Massa, his outgoing economy minister, was nominated by the outgoing government coalition. Massa lost to Milei by a margin of nearly 12 percentage points in the November 19 presidential runoff election.

Prior to the election, there were speculations about Fernández’s future plans, including the possibility of leading a political organization like the Puebla Group or having a role in the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR).

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Concerns have been raised about the potential shift in Argentina’s foreign policy under Milei, who has expressed intentions to realign the country away from China and other rogue nations and towards the United States and Israel.

Fernández acknowledged this concern and revealed that he has already discussed it with Milei. He stressed the importance of maintaining diplomatic relationships with various countries, stating, “There is no longer the West and communism, what we have today is a trade dispute between China and the United States.”

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Milei has made it clear during his career and presidential campaign that he does not engage in business with communists. However, he has stated that if private companies decide to conduct trade with communist-led states, he, as the head of the government, would not interfere in such dealings.

He emphasized that his stance is based on geopolitical considerations and that he would not align Argentina with those who do not respect freedom, democracy, and peace.

Credit: javarman/stock.adobe.com

In conclusion, Fernández will be relocating to Spain after his term ends, and Milei will succeed him as Argentina’s president. The country’s foreign policy may undergo changes under Milei’s leadership, but he has clarified that his focus is on geopolitical considerations and maintaining diplomatic relationships with various nations.

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