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Over 40 Russian Soldiers Attempt Escape to Crimea, Says Ukrainian Military

Approximately 40 Russian soldiers deserted their front-line positions and sought to escape to Russian-occupied Crimea, according to statements from a Ukrainian military official. This development reflects ongoing challenges within the Russian army as the conflict in Ukraine continues.

Russian Soldiers Abandon Positions

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The spokesperson for a significant Ukrainian military group, Oleksandr Shtupun, revealed that nearly 40 Russian soldiers left their trenches with their weapons and made an attempt to reach Crimea. This group constituted an entire platoon of the Russian army.

Russian Soldiers Hunted Down

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Reports suggested that efforts were underway to prevent the soldiers from escaping to Crimea. They were reportedly pursued, indicating that the Russian authorities were determined to bring them back to their front-line duties.

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Unclear Location and Timing

Credit: In October, the Ukrainians executed river crossings at three different locations in Kherson.(AP: Mstyslav Chernov)

The precise location of the soldiers’ front-line positions was not disclosed by Shtupun. However, the operational group he represents, Tavria, operates across southeastern Ukraine, including major front-line areas. The timing of this incident was referred to as “recent,” without specifying the exact date.

Challenges Encountered by Russian Soldiers

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Shtupun highlighted factors contributing to Russian soldiers’ reluctance to remain in their positions. These included adverse weather conditions that had set in recently, making conditions harsher. Additionally, unsanitary conditions were a concern, as even minor injuries could become fatal in such environments.

Increase in Surrenders

Credit: DepositPhotos

The spokesperson stated that the number of Russian soldiers surrendering had risen, with an additional 30 soldiers surrendering within the past four days. These claims, while not independently verified, align with a pattern of Russian soldiers deserting or surrendering during the ongoing conflict.

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Previous Incidents of Desertion

Credit: Winter landscape, reconstruction of military operations of the Great Patriotic War with fascist invaders, Naberezhnye Chelny Tatarstan Russia 16, 02, 2020 — Photo by ekina1

Throughout Russia’s full-scale invasion, which commenced in February 2022, multiple reports have emerged of Russian soldiers fleeing their posts and surrendering. This phenomenon is not unique to the recent incident.

Surrender Statistics

Credit: DepositPhotos

Earlier in the month, Ukraine disclosed that over 220 Russian soldiers had surrendered via the “I Want to Live” hotline. It was also reported that Russian forces used drones to kill their own injured soldiers to prevent them from surrendering.

Coercion and Threats

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Shtupun mentioned that Russian senior officials resorted to threats of physical violence and even execution to compel soldiers to fight. Such psychological and physical pressure tactics are employed to encourage soldiers to undertake assault missions.

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Low Morale in Russian Army

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Reports suggest that morale within the Russian army is low, partly due to significant losses and inadequate training and equipment. The deployment of special units threatening to shoot retreating troops has been cited as a measure aimed at retaining soldiers in combat.

Challenges Continue

Credit: DepositPhotos

As the conflict endures, challenges faced by Russian soldiers remain a significant aspect of the ongoing situation in Ukraine. The war’s impact on soldiers’ morale and willingness to engage in combat continues to be closely observed.

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