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Over 60 Utah Republicans Endorse Primary Challenger to Mitt Romney

More than 60 Republican officials from Utah are rallying behind a primary challenger to Senator Mitt Romney, signaling a significant shift in the state’s political landscape. 

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Utah’s State House Speaker, Brad Wilson, has taken initial steps to challenge Romney’s position by forming a Senate exploratory committee earlier this year. 

The committee has garnered substantial support, with three-quarters of GOP colleagues from the state’s lower chamber and two-thirds of Senate Republicans endorsing Wilson’s potential run. 

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The relationship between Romney and his fellow Utah Republicans has been tense, with disagreements stemming from his criticism of former President Donald Trump and his impeachment-related votes. 

Romney’s willingness to challenge Trump has strained his relationship with the more pro-Trump faction of Utah’s GOP.

While Romney has not yet announced whether he intends to run for re-election in 2024, he has filed a statement of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission. 

This move suggests that he is considering another run, and if he chooses to do so, he may face a challenging primary race against Wilson. 

Credit: Utah Reps Flicker

Wilson’s exploratory committee emphasizes his pragmatic and conservative approach, focusing on his commitment to representing Utah values in the nation’s capital. 

Both Romney and Wilson have begun fundraising efforts, indicating that a potential primary battle could be intense and costly. 

As the political landscape evolves, Romney’s decision on his re-election bid and the potential primary challenge from Wilson will continue to be closely watched by both supporters and opponents in Utah’s Republican Party.

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