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Over 60 Utah Republicans Endorse Primary Challenger to Mitt Romney

More than 60 Republican officials from Utah are throwing their support behind a primary challenger to Senator Mitt Romney, indicating a major shift in the state’s political scene. 

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Utah State House Speaker Forms Committee to Challenge Romney

Credit: Utah Reps Flicker

Utah’s State House Speaker, Brad Wilson, has taken steps to challenge Romney’s position by establishing a Senate exploratory committee earlier this year. 

The committee has gained significant backing, with three-quarters of GOP colleagues from the state’s lower chamber and two-thirds of Senate Republicans endorsing Wilson’s potential run. 

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Tense Relationship between Romney and Fellow Utah Republicans  

Credit: DepositPhotos

The relationship between Romney and his fellow Utah Republicans has been strained due to disagreements stemming from his criticism of former President Donald Trump and his impeachment-related votes. 

Romney’s willingness to challenge Trump has caused tension with the more pro-Trump faction of Utah’s GOP.

Romney Files Statement of Candidacy, Hints at Potential Re-Election Bid

Credit: DepositPhotos

While Romney has not officially announced whether he plans to run for re-election in 2024, he has filed a statement of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission, indicating that he is considering another run. 

If he decides to do so, he may face a challenging primary race against Wilson. 

Wilson Emphasizes Pragmatic and Conservative Approach  

Credit: Utah Reps Flicker

Wilson’s exploratory committee highlights his pragmatic and conservative approach, with a focus on representing Utah values in the nation’s capital. 

Both Romney and Wilson have begun fundraising efforts, suggesting that a potential primary battle could be intense and expensive. 

Watchful Eyes on Romney’s Decision and Potential Primary Challenge  

Credit: DepositPhotos

As the political landscape continues to evolve, all eyes are on Romney’s decision regarding his re-election bid and the potential primary challenge from Wilson. 

Supporters and opponents within Utah’s Republican Party are closely following these developments. 

Utah GOP Leaders Unite for Primary Challenger to Mitt Romney

Credit: DepositPhotos

Over 60 Republican officials in Utah support a primary challenger to Senator Mitt Romney, marking a major shift in the state’s political dynamics. 

House Speaker’s Bold Move to Challenge Romney’s Position


Utah’s State House Speaker, Brad Wilson, forms an exploratory committee to challenge Romney, garnering strong support from GOP colleagues in the state’s chambers. 

Strained Ties: Romney vs. Utah Republicans

Credit: DepositPhotos

Romney’s criticism of former President Trump and impeachment votes have led to tense relations between him and fellow Utah Republicans. 

Romney Hints at Re-Election, Faces Potential Turmoil

Credit: DepositPhotos

While not officially announcing his plans for re-election, Romney’s filing of a statement of candidacy suggests he may face a challenging primary race against Wilson. 

Wilson’s Promise of Pragmatic Representation

Credit: Utah Reps Flicker

Wilson’s exploration highlights his commitment to pragmatic and conservative values, aiming to bridge the gap between Utah’s interests and national politics. 

Fundraising Frenzy: Battle Brewing on the Horizon

Credit: DepositPhotos

Both Romney and Wilson have initiated fundraising efforts, hinting at the intensity and costliness of a potential primary battle. 

All Eyes on Romney and Wilson: A Shifting Landscape

Credit: Utah Reps Flicker

The unfolding political landscape in Utah closely watches Romney’s decision and the potential primary challenge from Wilson, gripping the attention of supporters and opponents alike.

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