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Paramount+’s Drag Queen Extravaganza ‘Queen of the Universe’ Takes the Final Bow

An Unexpected Finale to the Flamboyant Pageant

In a turn of events that has left some fans reeling, Paramount+ pulled the plug on its drag queen reality show, ‘Queen of the Universe,’ after a measly two-season run. This comes hot on the heels of one of the show’s judges publicly defending the polarizing Drag Queen Story Hour for children, insisting it is entirely child-friendly.

When Producers Meet Drag Queens

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Brought to life by World of Wonder, the same force behind the hit show RuPaul’s Drag Race now in its 15th season, ‘Queen of the Universe’ joined the Paramount+ line-up, promising a feast of color, drama, and most importantly, song. But it seems like the glitter has faded far too soon for this new addition.

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What Vanishes Leaves No Trace

Mirroring the fate of ‘Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies,’ Paramount+ has vowed to wipe clean every trace of ‘Queen of the Universe’ from its platform. A decision that speaks volumes about the show’s apparent popularity or lack thereof. It seems the producers may have found more value in it as a tax break than as a shining star in their streaming universe.

A War of Queens, A Battle of Songs

The brainchild of the drag icon RuPaul and Graham Norton of British television fame, ‘Queen of the Universe’ sought to pit drag queen contestants in a high-stakes singing contest. With a celebrity panel of judges, including Vanessa Williams, the competition promised an exciting battle of talents and alter egos.

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Stirring Up Controversy

Stepping into the spotlight, judge Michelle Visage boldly expressed pride in parenting a nonbinary queer child and backed the contentious Drag Queen Story Hour for children. Visage painted a wholesome picture of the event, assuring parents there would be no provocative behavior from the drag queens, just a delightful reading of children’s books.

But as Visage attempted to dissociate drag from anything inappropriate for children, echoes of drag performers engaging in inappropriate acts around children in the past bounced back. Not one to shy away from making a statement, Visage further fanned the flames by calling the U.S. a “horrible country.”

Pride, Parenting, and Provocation

In an interview that left many shaking their heads, Visage talked passionately about Pride Month and her experiences as a parent of a nonbinary queer child. She emphasized her unending support and acknowledged the challenges that remain once the month of celebration is over.

As we wave goodbye to ‘Queen of the Universe,’ the saga has left us with much to mull over, raising questions about the bounds of appropriate children’s entertainment and the role of the entertainment industry in shaping public discourse. Is the cancellation of the show a reflection of societal views or merely a business decision? And where do we draw the line between entertainment and reality?

Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, and experiences in the comments below. Let’s continue the conversation. 

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