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Parents’ Tip Leads To Capture Of Escaped Louisiana Inmate

An escaped Louisiana inmate, Kimmy Dauntain Jr, 17, has been successfully captured by authorities after his parents alerted law enforcement to his whereabouts.

The teenager had escaped from state officials’ custody during an escorted trip in Franklin, Louisiana, as reported by the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Charges Against Dauntain

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Dauntain had been detained on charges including simple battery, illegal possession of a handgun by a juvenile, attempted first-degree murder, and attempted second-degree murder (accessory after the fact).

Parents’ Alert

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Kimmy Dauntain Jr’s parents played a crucial role in aiding law enforcement in capturing their son, who had been on the run for several days.

Their timely alert led to the end of a three-day manhunt.

Office of Juvenile Justice

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Officials from the Office of Juvenile Justice confirmed that Dauntain, originally from Orleans Parish, was taken into custody by the Louisiana State Police following his parents’ report.

This swift action brought relief to the authorities and residents alike.

Escaped Inmate Incidents in Other States

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Dauntain’s escape from custody shines a spotlight on recent incidents of inmates eluding the grasp of law enforcement in various states.

Arkansas Fugitives

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In Arkansas, another case of fugitive inmates unfolded when Noah Roush, 22, and Jatonia Bryant, 23, managed to escape from the Dub Brassell Adult Detention Center.

Shockingly, their absence was not noticed until 36 hours later.

Roush’s Capture

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Roush, facing charges of residential burglary, theft of property, and being a homicide suspect, was successfully captured three days after his escape.

The delay in detection was attributed to failed head counts by jail staff.

Bryant’s Apprehension

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Jatonia Bryant, who was being held on probable cause for capital murder, was eventually located and apprehended on January 29, bringing relief to local authorities.

Pennsylvania Escape

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The escape incidents were not confined to Arkansas, as Pennsylvania also witnessed a case of an escaped inmate.

Shane Pryor’s Escape

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Shane Pryor, a 17-year-old suspect in a 2020 killing, managed to break free from custody during a medical transport on January 24, sparking concerns among law enforcement officials.

Pryor’s Capture

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However, Pryor’s escape was short-lived, as he was located on a bus in Philadelphia four days later.

His escape had occurred while being taken to a hospital for a hand injury.

Alleged Accomplice Arrested

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In connection with Pryor’s escape, an 18-year-old individual was arrested on January 26 for allegedly aiding in his evasion.

Notable Escape Case

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A notable escape case from the past year also came to light, underscoring the challenges faced by authorities in maintaining secure custody.

Danelo Cavalcante’s Escape

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Danelo Cavalcante, a convicted killer sentenced to life in prison for fatally stabbing his ex-girlfriend, Deborah Brandao, managed to evade capture for two weeks after escaping from a prison in Pennsylvania.

Unusual Survival Tactics

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Cavalcante reportedly survived during his escape by residing in the woods and subsisting on watermelon, highlighting the determination of some fugitives to avoid capture.

Lessons Learned

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These escape incidents serve as a reminder of the importance of secure custody and accurate inmate counts to prevent fugitive escapes and ensure public safety.


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Kimmy Dauntain Jr’s capture serves as a testament to the vital role that community cooperation and vigilant family members can play in bringing fugitives to justice, ultimately safeguarding the communities in which they reside.

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