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Passenger Forces Flight to Return After Forgetting Bag in Terminal

A passenger aboard a Thai Smile flight from Chiang Mai International Airport in Thailand to Bangkok caused the plane to return to the gate after realizing he had left his bag behind. The incident, captured on video by another passenger, showed the irate passenger demanding that the plane turn back so he could retrieve his bag, which contained money and other valuables.

The flight crew attempted to calm him down, but he insisted on returning to the terminal. Eventually, the plane returned to the gate and the passenger was escorted off by airport security.

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The Incident:

The video footage shows the passenger becoming increasingly angry and demanding that the plane go back to the gate. The flight crew tried to calm him down, but he insisted on retrieving his bag. The captain made an announcement to return to the terminal, and the plane complied.

The incident caused a delay of 45 minutes, adding to the inconvenience for other passengers. The passenger who recorded the video described the disruptive behavior and lack of concern for other passengers.

Credits: DepositPhotos

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Once back inside the terminal, the unruly passenger was led off the plane by airport security. It is unclear whether he faced any further consequences, such as arrest. The flight eventually departed and arrived safely at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok later that morning.


The incident involving a passenger who forced a flight to turn around after forgetting his bag in the terminal highlights the disruption and inconvenience caused to other passengers. While the flight crew attempted to resolve the situation peacefully, the passenger’s insistence on returning to retrieve his bag led to the delay.

The incident serves as a reminder for passengers to be mindful of their belongings and considerate of fellow travelers to ensure a smooth and timely travel experience.

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