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Pelosi Slams Trump’s Role in Capitol Riot as New Details Emerge

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has strongly criticized former President Donald Trump for his alleged inaction during the U.S. Capitol’s January 6, 2021, attack.

Inciting Insurrection

ARMENIA, YEREVAN: 18 September 2022 U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi talks to the media during a briefing following her meeting with Armenian National Assembly Speaker Alen Simonyan. — Photo by Asatur

In an interview with ABC News, Pelosi accused Trump of inciting an insurrection, emphasizing the significance of addressing the issue as the 2024 presidential race approaches. These comments come on the heels of newly disclosed details suggesting Trump’s reluctance to intervene during the riot.

Trump’s Response and Denial

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Donald Trump has consistently denied any wrongdoing regarding the events of January 6, downplaying the severity of the chaos that unfolded at the Capitol.

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Pelosi’s Invocation of National Anthem

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Pelosi invoked the national anthem during her interview, emphasizing the need to preserve democracy and uphold justice. She expressed concern over the acceptance of Confederate flags at the Capitol and criticized Trump for his involvement in what she called the “big lie.”

New Reporting on Trump’s Inaction

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According to ABC News’ latest report, sources indicate that Trump’s former deputy chief of staff, Dan Scavino, testified that Trump displayed little interest in taking action to quell the mob during the 2021 Capitol breach.

Trump’s Response to Pence’s Safety

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When informed that then-Vice President Mike Pence had to be relocated to a secure location, Trump reportedly responded dismissively, “So what?”

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Trump’s Reaction to the New Reporting

NEW YORK, USA – Sep 19, 2017: President of the United States Donald Trump speaks at the general political discussion during the 72th session of the UN Assembly in New York — Photo by palinchak

A spokesperson for Trump responded to the recent reporting, highlighting the media’s focus on “second-hand hearsay” and characterizing it as a sign of the weakness of the case against the former president.

Pelosi’s Commentary on the Source of Revelations

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During her interview, Pelosi pointed out that many revelations regarding Trump’s actions on January 6 and his efforts to overturn the 2020 election results have come from Republicans, emphasizing the clarity of events that day.

Challenge of Misinformation

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Despite these revelations, recent polls have indicated that a significant portion of Republicans still falsely believe Trump won the 2020 election and that the FBI instigated the January 6 violence.

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Pelosi’s Stand on Trump’s Eligibility

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When asked about whether Trump should be disqualified from running for president again under the 14th Amendment, Pelosi deferred to the courts’ authority but stated her belief that he engaged in an insurrection.

Republicans’ Immigration Reform Demands

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Pelosi also addressed Republican demands for major immigration reform as part of the White House’s national security proposal. She emphasized the need for border security while honoring responsibilities regarding asylum seekers, highlighting the importance of responsible governance.

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