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Pence’s Gas Station Video Draws Criticism for ‘Cringe’ Factor

Former Vice President Mike Pence faced criticism on social media after a campaign video showed him at a gas station, supposedly filling up a pickup truck while criticizing the Biden administration’s energy policies.

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In the video, Pence can be heard saying, “Remember $ 2-gallon gas? I do,” as he operates the gas pump. He goes on to blame President Joe Biden for the increase in gas prices due to his energy policies.

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Credits: DepositPhotos

However, the video garnered a negative response from many online viewers. Critics pointed out that a beeping noise in the background suggested Pence wasn’t actually pumping gas into the truck.

Comedian Rob Schneider tweeted, “How can this dipstick fix our energy independence when he can’t even push the button that chooses which octane gas he wants to make the ‘beeping’ sound stop?!”

Political commentator, Steven Crowder questioned, “Has he never pumped his own gas before?” The video, meant to promote Pence’s energy independence plan, was seen over a million times but faced backlash for what some deemed as an awkward and inauthentic attempt to connect with voters.

Despite the criticism, Pence’s campaign announced that he has qualified for the first GOP presidential nomination debate, which will be broadcast on Fox News later this month.

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