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Pennsylvania Man Survives Bear Attack in His Garage

Terrifying Bear Encounter Captured on Video

Credit: DepositPhotos

A Pennsylvania man, John Swartz, had a close call with a bear when he unknowingly walked into his garage while the bear was inside. The incident was captured on a home video and later shared on Facebook by Swartz’s wife, Lori.

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Unaware of the Danger

The video shows a medium-sized bear casually entering the couple’s property in Danville, Pennsylvania, while two cats watch curiously. Moments later, Swartz appears on-screen and walks into the garage, oblivious to the lurking bear.

A Frightening Retreat

Within seconds, the cats become startled by a noise, and Swartz emerges from the garage, clutching his head in distress. He rushes back into the house as the bear follows him, eventually leaving the property.

Reflecting on the Encounter

Swartz later recounted the terrifying incident, revealing that he fell over the bear without realizing it during his frantic escape. He suffered injuries and was treated for bite marks at Geisinger Medical Center.

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Trapping the Bear

In response to the incident, the Pennsylvania Game Commission deployed troopers to the couple’s home and set up a trap to capture the bear responsible for the attack.

Similar Incident in Idaho

On the same day, another bear attack occurred in Idaho when a black bear with a cub attacked a man as he opened his garage door. Wildlife officials killed the bears in the interest of public safety.

A Reminder of Wildlife Encounters

The incidents serve as a reminder of the importance of being cautious and aware of wildlife encounters, especially in areas where bears are common.

Counting His Blessings

Despite the terrifying experience, John Swartz considers himself fortunate to have survived the bear encounter and is grateful for the support and medical treatment he received.

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