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Pentagon Confirms 74th Incident Involving US Troops in the Middle East since October 17

In a Department of Defense briefing on Thursday, Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh confirmed that US forces stationed in Syria were attacked on Tuesday, marking the 74th attack on troops in the Middle East since October 17. Singh clarified that there have been no additional attacks in the last two days and no injuries or infrastructure damage reported from the recent incident.

The attacks on US troops, which have occurred in Iraq and Syria, began on October 17 and have been initiated by Iraqi militia groups. These attacks are believed to be connected to the US’s support for Israel in its response to the Palestinian militant group Hamas, following an attack on October 7.

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It’s important to note that the reported attacks do not include instances where ballistic missiles have been launched towards US military vessels. Commanding officers on these ships have been instructed to shoot down any incoming missiles.

On Wednesday, the US Navy Destroyer USS Carney successfully intercepted an Iranian-made Houthi drone launched from Yemen. Fortunately, there were no casualties or damage to the Carney or its personnel. The incident occurred near the Bab el-Mandeb Strait.

Credits: DepositPhotos

During the briefing, Singh responded to inquiries about why Houthi drones and missiles near US ships were not being included in the total count of attacks. According to Singh, the ships engage with these threats when their commanding officers perceive them as a potential danger.

She emphasized that the initial assessment suggests the ships were not the intended targets of the drones or missiles. However, it is ultimately up to the ship commanders to determine if their personnel are under threat and take appropriate action.

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In summary, the Pentagon has confirmed the 74th attack on US troops in the Middle East since October 17. These attacks, primarily carried out by Iraqi militia groups, are suspected to be linked to the US’s support for Israel.

It’s worth noting that instances involving ballistic missiles being launched towards US military vessels are not included in this count. The recent intercept of an Iranian-made Houthi drone near the USS Carney is an example of the ship commanders taking action to protect their personnel.

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