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Peter Schweizer Predicts Democrats Won’t Be Able to Deny Joe Biden’s Involvement in Hunter’s Deals After Archer’s Testimony

New York Times best-selling author and Government Accountability Institute president, Peter Schweizer, discusses the upcoming testimony of ex-Hunter Biden business partner, Devon Archer. Schweizer believes that due to Archer’s significant role as Hunter Biden’s business partner, it will be challenging for Democrats on the committee to deny President Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s deals, as they did with the whistleblowers.

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Evidence Mounting Against Biden

Schweizer points out that bank records show money being transferred in connection to Hunter Biden’s business deals. With Archer’s testimony and potential testimony from other business partners, the evidence against Joe Biden’s role in these deals is becoming more compelling.

Archer’s Importance in Hunter Biden’s Ventures

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Archer is highlighted as Hunter Biden’s most significant business partner, being involved in various business opportunities alongside him, including joining the Burisma board and securing a position in a Chinese private equity fund. Schweizer asserts that Archer’s knowledge of these dealings could be crucial in revealing Joe Biden’s level of involvement.

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Democrats Face a Tough Challenge

Schweizer believes that the Democrats on the committee will struggle to repeat their previous tactic of arguing that Joe Biden had no role in these dealings, given Archer’s close association with Hunter Biden. The pressure is mounting on Democrats to address Biden’s potential involvement honestly.

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