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Politico Corrects Misinformation in Tweet About Biden Family Payments

Politico faced criticism for a now-deleted tweet that contained incorrect information about a memo from House Oversight Chair James Comer detailing foreign payments to the Biden family. 

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The initial tweet stated that the memo did not show a “direct payment” to President Joe Biden. 

Later, Politico issued a corrected tweet clarifying that the memo did indeed identify over $20 million in payments from entities or individuals in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan to Biden family members. 

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The corrected tweet also linked to a “Congress Minutes” story about the memo, which similarly clarified that the memo did not show a direct payment to Joe Biden. 

A spokesperson from Politico acknowledged the error and stated that the corrected tweet accurately reflected the content of the memo, which provided details about payments to Biden family members. 

The spokesperson explained that the original tweet was deleted and corrected for accuracy. 

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Critics and commentators on X (formerly Twitter) highlighted the misinformation in the initial tweet and questioned Politico’s reporting. 

Some accused Politico of “rolling over” for the White House due to the quick correction. 

Comer’s memo, released by House Oversight Chair James Comer, showed bank records indicating payments to Hunter Biden and his associates from foreign sources during the time his father, Joe Biden, was Vice President. 

The memo included information about meetings and phone calls between then-Vice President Biden and individuals linked to these payments. 

The corrected tweets provided a more accurate representation of the memo’s content.

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