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Poll: Majority Believe Biden’s Age and Health ‘Severely’ Hinder His Presidential Duties

A recent Economist/YouGov poll revealed that a plurality of American adults (45%) believe President Joe Biden’s age and health “severely” limit his ability to carry out his presidential duties. The poll asked the participants about the effect they think Biden’s age and health have on his ability to fulfill his responsibilities as president.

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Details of the Poll

While 45% of respondents believe Biden’s age and health significantly limit his abilities, 34% think they have a “little effect” on his presidential performance, and 11% see “no effect at all”. Meanwhile, 10% of respondents remained uncertain.

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Partisan Perspectives

Unsurprisingly, a large majority of Republicans (77%) hold the view that Biden’s age and health severely impair his ability to function as president, a sentiment shared by 48% of independents. Among Democrats, only 13% feel the same way, while 56% maintain it has “little effect” on his performance, and 22% assert it has no impact whatsoever.

Intriguingly, 14% of those who voted for Biden in 2020 also believe his age and health significantly restrict his presidential capabilities.

Context of the Poll

The survey, conducted from June 3-6, 2023, included 1,500 U.S. citizens. The timing followed a recent incident where President Biden, who is 80 years old, stumbled after giving a speech at the U.S. Air Force Academy’s commencement ceremony.

Biden’s Health

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During a press conference following the incident, Biden commented, “I got sandbagged,” referring to a sandbag that was on stage. The president’s annual physical, disclosed earlier this year, reported five specific health concerns, including atrial fibrillation, hyperlipidemia, gastroesophageal reflux, a stiff gait, and peripheral neuropathy in his feet.

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