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Poll Reveals Kamala Harris Trails in Approval Ratings Behind Biden and Trump

As the presidential race heats up with two of the least popular candidates in recent history, VP Kamala Harris finds herself in an even more precarious position.

Harris’ Troubles

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A new survey shows that VP Harris’ approval ratings are lower than those of President Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Polling Insights

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A national survey conducted by USA TODAY and Suffolk University reveals that a majority of registered voters express dissatisfaction with Harris’s tenure as vice president, with 52% disapproving of her performance.

Comparative Approval

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While Harris’s approval rating hovers at 36%, President Biden fares slightly better, with 41% of respondents approving of his performance, despite facing a high disapproval rate himself.

The Vice Presidential Focus

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This election cycle has brought an unprecedented level of attention to the vice presidential role, as noted by David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center, suggesting a more significant impact on voter perception than in previous years.

Trump’s Standing

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Trump has managed a slightly positive approval rating, in contrast to both Biden and Harris. A small minority remained undecided.

Polling Methodology

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The USA TODAY/Suffolk poll was conducted among 1,000 registered voters and has a margin of error of +/-3.1%. It provides a snapshot of voter attitudes as the election draws nearer.

Primary Results

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Both Biden and Trump have effectively clinched their party’s nomination, setting the stage for a rematch in the upcoming presidential election.

Nominations on the Horizon

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With official nominations for Trump and Biden expected in the coming months, the political landscape is set for an intense electoral battle as Harris’s approval ratings add an extra layer of dynamics to the race.

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