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Portland Woman Blames City for Slow Police Response After Unprovoked Attack

Mary Costantino, a Portland doctor, blames the city for defunding the police after a homeless man knocked her unconscious during an unprovoked attack. She expresses frustration over the lack of police force to protect citizens and believes the city is responsible for the consequences.

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An Unexpected Attack

Costantino recounts the terrifying incident where she was struck in the face by an aluminum water bottle thrown by the assailant. She praises her friend for intervening and potentially preventing further harm.

Delayed Police Response

Portland’s police response times have been increasingly long for years. On the night of the attack, officers arrived at the scene about 20 minutes after the incident. Costantino emphasizes the importance of police assistance during attacks and raises concerns about being “on our own” without adequate police presence.

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Challenging Situation

Lieutenant Nathan Sheppard acknowledges the staffing challenges faced by the Portland Police Bureau, with historic lows in officers and high call volumes.

Impact on Public Safety

Costantino’s traumatic experience has changed her perspective on public safety in Portland. She criticizes city officials’ decisions, including defunding the police, and notes how it influenced her voting habits.

A Call for Change

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Despite the challenges, there is hope for improvement with ongoing hiring efforts to fill vacancies. Portlanders hope for better public safety conditions and expect to peacefully move about the city without fear of assault.

Personal Impact

Costantino’s story reflects the impact of public safety issues on individuals and the community at large. The incident has left her heartbroken and serves as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining a safe and secure environment for all citizens.

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