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Portugal Joins European Allies in Supporting Ukraine With Artillery Ammunition

Portugal has announced that it will take part in a Czech-led effort to provide artillery ammunition to Ukraine amid its conflict with Russia.

European Solidarity

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Portugal’s Ministry of National Defense has announced that it will collaborate to provide Ukraine with over 800,000 artillery shells.

Battlefield Challenges

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Ukraine’s struggle on the front lines has been exacerbated by a critical shortage of artillery ammunition, making this international support vital for its continued resistance against Russian forces.

Portugal’s Contribution

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The Portuguese government also contributes €100 million to this initiative to help Ukraine acquire needed artillery.

Funding the Effort

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The project is funded by a broader alliance of EU member states, such as Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

Delivery Timeline

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The Czech Republic will also send arms to Ukraine later this year.

Challenges in Military Aid

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Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov highlighted the issue of delayed military aid from Western allies, stressing the impact on Ukraine’s defensive capabilities.

European Self-Reliance

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Europe has begun to increase its capacity to produce arms to lower its dependency on the U.S. for weapons in response to the Russia-Ukraine war at its doorstep.

US Support

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The United States remains the largest supplier of military aid to Ukraine, with substantial contributions in artillery shells and other weaponry for the last two years.

Boosting Production

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America is also looking to ramp up the production of shells for itself and its allies. It aims to be able to produce 100,000 shells in the next two years.

Immediate Assistance

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In the interim, the Biden administration has dispatched an emergency military aid package of $300 million to Ukraine.

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