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Pregnant Kentucky woman sues demanding the right to an abortion

In Kentucky, a pregnant woman has taken a bold step by filing a lawsuit demanding her right to an abortion. This lawsuit not only challenges the state’s restrictive six-week abortion ban but also contests its near-total “trigger” ban.

Jane Doe’s Anonymous Fight

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Meet Jane Doe, an anonymous woman who is approximately eight weeks pregnant. She can’t legally obtain an abortion in her home state of Kentucky, and she’s not alone in this struggle.

Seeking Class-Action Status

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Jane Doe is not just fighting for herself; she’s seeking class-action status on behalf of all Kentuckians facing similar challenges. These individuals cannot legally access abortions due to the state’s restrictive laws.

A Constitutional Challenge

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At the heart of this lawsuit is the quest for a court ruling that declares Kentucky’s trigger and six-week abortion bans unconstitutional. Jane Doe and others in her situation argue they’re suffering medical, constitutional, and irreparable harm due to these restrictions.

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Standing Up for Personal Choice

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Jane Doe’s message is clear: “This is my decision—not the government’s or any other person’s.” She firmly believes that everyone should have the ability to make their own decisions about their pregnancies.

Kentucky’s Overlapping Abortion Bans

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Kentucky is home to two overlapping abortion bans, effectively making the procedure illegal in almost every circumstance.

The ‘Trigger’ Law of 2019

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The state’s “trigger” law, passed in 2019 and effective since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, bans all abortions except when they’re necessary to save the patient’s life.

Six-Week ‘Heartbeat’ Law

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Kentucky’s six-week “heartbeat” law, also in effect, prohibits abortion after detecting fetal cardiac activity. This ban, like the trigger law, lacks exceptions for cases of rape or incest.

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Past Legal Challenges

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Less than a year ago, the state Supreme Court dismissed a previous challenge to these abortion bans. However, the court’s narrow ruling didn’t address the laws’ constitutionality, leaving room for patients to challenge them directly.

The Role of the Anti-Abortion Ballot Measure

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Remarkably, this lawsuit is only possible because Kentuckians rejected an anti-abortion ballot measure last year. The measure aimed to amend the state constitution to exclude the right to abortion.

A Legal Battle for Reproductive Rights

Wooden judge gavel with USA state flag on sound block – Kentucky

In conclusion, this legal battle challenges Kentucky’s strict abortion bans, emphasizing the importance of reproductive rights and personal choice in pregnancy.

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