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President Biden Silent on Rising Death Toll in Hawaii Fires

President Joe Biden declines to comment on the escalating death toll in Hawaii during a visit to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Biden Faces Question About Death Toll in Hawaii Fires

Credit: DepositPhotos

Bloomberg’s White House reporter asks Biden about the rising death toll in Maui during a beach visit in Delaware.

Biden Responds with “No Comment” on Hawaii Fires

Video footage shows Biden declining to comment on the situation and quickly leaving the beach.

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Criticism Mounts Over Biden’s Lack of Engagement

Critics point out Biden’s minimal public engagement on the devastating fires in Hawaii.

Biden’s Social Media Focuses on Other Topics

Critics note that Biden’s recent social media posts have not addressed the fires in Hawaii.

Biden Offers Condolences, but Silence Continues

Biden’s last mention of the fires in Hawaii was on August 10, when he expressed condolences.

Tragic Loss of Life in Hawaii Fires

The wildfires in Maui have caused at least 96 confirmed deaths and over 1,000 individuals still unaccounted for.

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Devastation in Historic City of Lahaina

The fires have devastated parts of the region, including the historic city of Lahaina.

Fires Sparked by Hurricane Dora’s Strong Winds

The fires in Hawaii were ignited by strong winds brought by Hurricane Dora.

Estimated Damage Exceeds $5 Billion

The wildfires in Hawaii have caused over $5 billion in estimated damages, making them the deadliest in modern U.S. history.

Biden’s Silence Draws Criticism

Critics emphasize the need for Biden to address the ongoing crisis and provide leadership.

Calls for Action Continue Amid Rising Death Toll

As the death toll rises, there are increasing calls for Biden to take action and address the devastating fires in Hawaii.

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