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Pride Flag Undergoes Infinite Makeover!

Look out! The colors of pride have gotten a new paint job. London was recently abuzz with the introduction of the newest addition to the LGBTQIAP2S+ Pride flag – an attention-grabbing, kaleidoscope infinity symbol. This nifty little emblem isn’t just for show, though! It’s to represent all our neurodiverse pals out there. 

The mastermind behind this grand revamp is none other than Valentino Vecchietti, who’s no stranger to flag design. Vecchietti’s got quite the portfolio, including the ‘Intersex Inclusive Pride’ flag. Talk about wearing many hats!

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The Designer’s Touch: Vecchietti’s Vision!

Credit: DepositPhotos

Vecchietti seems to have taken the motto “the more, the merrier” to heart! Their first take on the flag included a vivid yellow chevron and a deep purple circle for the intersex folks among us. This time around, the addition of the rainbow infinity symbol to the flag aims to embody the experiences of neurodiverse individuals in the mix. 

The Message Behind the Makeover

When asked about their new design, Vecchietti was quick to emphasize the inclusivity of the new flag. It’s not just an aesthetic update, but a move to ensure all those riding the waves of neurodiversity feel seen, represented, and most importantly, part of the pride brigade.

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The Reaction Rundown: Cheers, Jeers and Everything in Between!

As with any change, the new design has sparked quite a few conversations. Not everyone’s waving the new flag high, though. British comedian and GB News host Andrew Doyle, openly gay, let his feelings be known with a quip, “Surely by now most gay people are sick of being lumped in with this nonsense?”

And let’s not forget about Laurence Fox, Reclaim Party leader and no stranger to controversy. He’s facing some heat for burning the previous version of the flag but seemed to take this change in stride. He even had some advice for Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, suggesting the replacement of the older flags on Regent Street with this new, inclusive one.

The Union Jack Flap: A Prideful Replacement!

It’s not just Regent Street that’s seen a change of colors. Footage hit the web showing government workers swapping out Britain’s Union Jack for the multicolored Pride flag. This switcheroo wasn’t without its own bit of drama, with an onlooker raising a stink about the wrong flag being taken down. Well, you can’t please everyone, right?

What’s your take on this new Pride flag design? Too much, too little, or just right? Share your thoughts!

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