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Prince Harry and Prince William Attend Diana Award Ceremony but Don’t Meet


Prince Harry and Prince William recently participated in the Diana Award ceremony, which recognizes the charitable legacy of their late mother, Princess Diana. However, the two brothers did not meet in person during the event. While William delivered a prerecorded message, Harry interviewed an award recipient and introduced some of the winners.

This lack of interaction between the princes underscores the strained relationship they have experienced in recent years. Let’s explore the details of their separate contributions to the event and the ongoing challenges in their relationship.

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1. Participation in the Diana Award Ceremony:

Prince William began the virtual ceremony with a prerecorded message, praising the winners and highlighting the impact young people can have in driving meaningful change. He stressed the importance of organizations like The Diana Award and expressed pride in continuing his mother’s legacy.

2. Involvement of Prince Harry:

During the same ceremony, Prince Harry interviewed a 2021 Diana and Legacy Award recipient and introduced other award winners. He acknowledged his mother’s belief in the power of young people to challenge societal norms and create a more inclusive and compassionate society.

Harry emphasized the ongoing influence of Diana’s legacy in navigating the complexities of the modern world.

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3. Limited Interaction and Strained Relationship:

The lack of a personal meeting between Prince Harry and Prince William at the Diana Award ceremony reflects the strained nature of their relationship in recent years. Their last in-person encounter occurred at King Charles III’s coronation, where they did not interact.

Following the event, Harry returned to California while William participated in post-coronation activities.

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4. Challenges in the Princes’ Relationship:

The rift between the two brothers has been widely discussed, with Harry openly addressing their strained relationship in his memoir and in the Netflix docuseries “Harry & Meghan.” Harry previously revealed that they had not spoken to each other in a while and expressed his hope for finding peace in the future.

5. Commitment to Diana’s Legacy:

Despite their differences, both Prince Harry and Prince William remain committed to honoring their mother’s legacy through their involvement in the Diana Award. The organization aims to support young people in creating positive social change.

The princes recognize the importance of continuing Diana’s work and are grateful for the opportunity to support the younger generation.


Prince Harry and Prince William’s separate participation in the Diana Award ceremony highlights the ongoing challenges in their relationship. While they did not meet during the event, their individual contributions demonstrate their commitment to their mother’s charitable legacy.

Despite their differences, both princes remain involved in initiatives that promote social change and inspire young people. The future holds the possibility of reconciliation and finding common ground as they navigate their roles within the royal family.

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