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Priscilla Presley’s $1 Million Settlement: Denied Bid to Be Buried Next to Elvis Amid Legal Battle with Granddaughter Riley

A legal saga surrounding the late Lisa Marie Presley’s estate has taken an unexpected turn, as Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie’s mother, dropped her bid to be co-trustee of the estate in exchange for a seven-figure sum from her granddaughter Riley Keough. However, one demand remained unresolved as Priscilla insisted on being buried next to Elvis Presley at Graceland. Discover the details of the confidential settlement, the contentious burial request, and the impact of this high-profile family feud.

Court Battle and Confidential Settlement:

Priscilla Presley sought to become co-trustee of Lisa Marie Presley’s $35 million trust, claiming a will appointed her and Barry Siegel, Lisa Marie’s ex-business manager, to the role. However, an alleged 2016 amendment to the will surfaced, cutting Priscilla out and designating Riley Keough as the sole trustee. The signature on the amendment was a point of contention. To avoid a messy trial, Priscilla and Riley reached a private settlement, with Priscilla receiving a substantial sum of $1 million, along with $400k to cover legal fees.

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The Burial Demand and Family Estrangement:

During negotiations, Priscilla Presley made an extraordinary request to be buried next to Elvis Presley at Graceland, emphasizing her long-standing belief that she is Elvis’ widow. However, Riley Keough, looking through her mother’s perspective, stood firm against Priscilla’s demand. The strained relationship between Priscilla and Lisa Marie in their final years, marked by estrangement and minimal communication, influenced Riley’s decision. As a result, Priscilla’s desire to be interred next to Elvis faced opposition.

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Preserving Lisa Marie’s Wishes:

Riley Keough, considering her late mother’s intentions, has taken a stance against Priscilla’s burial request. She honors Lisa Marie’s memory and believes that her mother would not have wanted Priscilla to be laid to rest next to her. Despite Priscilla’s longstanding belief and emotional connection to Elvis, Riley maintains that her mother’s wishes and their strained relationship prevail. Priscilla’s influence over Graceland and the handling of the estate has significantly diminished in recent years.


Priscilla Presley’s legal battle over Lisa Marie Presley’s estate has ended in a confidential settlement, with Priscilla receiving a substantial sum. However, her request to be buried next to Elvis at Graceland remains unfulfilled as her granddaughter, Riley Keough, has firmly stood against it. The strained relationship between Priscilla and Lisa Marie, along with Riley’s commitment to honoring her mother’s wishes, has led to the denial of Priscilla’s burial demand. As the Presley family moves forward, the impact of this settlement and the ongoing dynamics surrounding Elvis Presley’s legacy continues to shape their relationship.

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