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Private Investigator to Target Tiger King’s Carole Baskin in Search for Her Missing Husband

Carole Baskin, the star of the Tiger King series, is the subject of a search by a private investigator who is seeking information on her missing husband.

For those who are not familiar, Baskin was implicated in the murder of her former partner, Don Lewis, by Joe Exotic.

Her former husband disappeared mysteriously in 1997, with Exotic alleging that Baskin disposed of his body using a meat grinder.

Baskin has consistently maintained her innocence since these sensational claims were made.

Lewis went missing in August 1997 and had filed a restraining order against Baskin, telling the police that she had threatened to kill him.

In 2002, five years after his disappearance, Lewis was officially declared dead by the court, although his body had never been located.

According to the Daily Mail, former Secret Service agent and homicide detective Jim Rathmann wants to delve deeper into the case.

He intends to investigate the property, which gained notoriety through the Netflix series, using cadaver dogs and forensic specialists to see if there are any indications of human remains.

This development follows years of conspiracy theories and allegations from members of the local community that Lewis was murdered on the property. The investigation is expected to shed light on these rumors.

Credits: Getty Images

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Places of interest

The detective is also planning to request permission from the owners of Baskin’s property to allow him and his team to inspect the area. He has identified certain “potential places of interest” that he wants to examine.

Rathmann has a long association with the story of Don Lewis, as he produced his own TV series about his death. He feels that Baskin still needs to answer many questions, as she has declined to discuss the case.

Rathmann thinks that a comprehensive examination and search of the Big Cat Rescue grounds could finally confirm or refute these allegations, as some followers of the story consider Baskin to be the “main suspect” in Lewis’ disappearance.

The Daily Mail reported in their exclusive article that they reached out to a representative of Baskin for a statement, and were directed to a previously released statement from 2021.

An attempt was also made by LADbible to obtain a comment from a representative of Baskin. The statement from two years ago categorically denies Baskin’s involvement in Lewis’ disappearance in 1997.

Baskin had previously informed the police that Lewis had fled to Costa Rica, while Rathmann holds the belief that Lewis was murdered. It will be intriguing to see where this story leads next.

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