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Pro-Life Groups Challenge Media Narrative on GOP’s Abortion Stance, Cite Successes

Pro-life groups are challenging the popular media narrative that Republicans cannot win on the issue of abortion. The recent defeat of an opposition campaign against an Ohio ballot measure, which enshrined abortion access into the state’s constitution, has prompted these groups to provide insight into what went wrong and refute claims that being pro-life is a losing proposition.

They argue that media bias, well-funded pro-abortion networks, and misleading advertisements played a significant role in the outcome.

Media Misinformation and Abortion Industry Tactics:

Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America President Marjorie Dannenfelser highlighted that opponents of the Ohio ballot measure were outspent and faced a media blitz with misleading ads by the abortion industry.

The strategic aim of these ads was to perpetuate falsehoods about pro-life states not protecting the life of mothers or denying care for miscarriages. This misinformation, propagated through ads and echoed by the national media, aimed to portray pro-life positions as extreme.

Republican Success on Abortion:

Pro-life groups reject the claim that Republicans are unsuccessful on abortion issues and point to recent examples of Republican victories. Several staunchly pro-life governors who signed abortion restrictions into law won re-election in various states, including Florida, Ohio, Iowa, and Georgia.

For instance, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed a heartbeat law despite opposition from Stacey Abrams, demonstrating the pro-life movement’s success in the face of extreme opposition.

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Messaging and Strategy:

Contrary to pundits’ claims that Republicans fail in messaging, pro-life advocates emphasize that it is essential to expose the extremism of the opposing side and highlight the compassion and love inherent in the pro-life movement.

They assert that being pro-life is not a political liability and emphasize that voters reject the abortion industry’s desire for unrestricted abortions. Pro-life groups acknowledge the need to carry the successes of pro-life politicians into ballot initiative fights.

Strategic Approach and Unity:

Political strategists and pro-life activists emphasize the importance of a more strategic approach, targeted voter outreach, effective messaging, and unity among conservatives. Despite temporary setbacks, pro-life groups are committed to continue working to save lives and protect women from the horrors of the abortion industry.

Common Sense Policies and Funding:

Pro-life advocates stress the need to frame the movement around protecting unborn lives, opposing full-term abortions, and supporting parental consent laws. They call for stronger policies, consistent funding for pregnant mothers, pregnancy centers, and adoption services, and emphasize the importance of enacting common-sense measures without demonizing each other.

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Future Challenges:

Pro-life groups anticipate that pro-abortion groups will employ the same tactics used in Ohio in future battleground states like Arizona, Nebraska, Missouri, and South Dakota. They recognize the need to combat media bias, outspending, and misinformation to change the direction of these battles and achieve pro-life objectives.


Pro-life groups reject the claim that Republicans cannot win on abortion and point to recent successes where pro-life politicians have secured re-election and enacted abortion restrictions. They attribute the defeat in Ohio to media bias, well-funded pro-abortion networks, and misleading advertisements.

Pro-life advocates emphasize the importance of effective messaging, exposing the extremism of the opposing side, and maintaining unity among conservatives. They seek to enact stronger policies, provide consistent funding, and frame the movement around protecting the lives of the unborn.

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