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Pro-Trump Lawyers Lose Appeal and Must Pay $150,000 for Filing Frivolous Election Lawsuit in Michigan

The Supreme Court declined an appeal from Sidney Powell and other attorneys associated with former President Donald Trump regarding $150,000 in sanctions imposed on them for filing a baseless lawsuit challenging Michigan’s 2020 election results.

Sanctions Upheld

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The justices, without providing further commentary, upheld the sanctions against seven lawyers involved in the lawsuit filed on behalf of six Republican voters following Joe Biden’s decisive victory over Trump in Michigan.

L. Lin Wood’s Involvement

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One of the lawyers facing sanctions is L. Lin Wood, whose name appeared on the lawsuit.

Wood’s Claim

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Wood claimed that his role was merely to offer his services as a seasoned litigator to Sidney Powell if needed.

Financial Penalty

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The sanctioned lawyers are required to pay $150,000 to the state of Michigan and Detroit to cover their legal expenses in defending against the frivolous lawsuit.

“Abuse of the judicial system”

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Their lawsuit was deemed a “historic and profound abuse of the judicial process” by the Michigan district judge, who also imposed fines and disciplinary measures.

The city of Detroit is entitled to $132,693.75, and the state of Michigan is entitled to an additional $19,639.75 in legal fees from the attorneys.

The Lawyers for the City of Detroit, who represented the state, will receive payment from this amount.

Appeals Court Reduced Earlier Sanctions

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Initially, the sanctions amounted to $175,000, but a federal appeals court reduced the sum by approximately $25,000.

Powell’s Legal Troubles

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In a separate legal matter, Sidney Powell pleaded guilty to state criminal charges in Georgia related to her attempts to overturn Trump’s election loss in the state.

Six Misemeanors

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She admitted to six misdemeanors involving conspiring to disrupt the performance of election duties.

‘Release the Kraken’ Remark

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Powell gained widespread attention in November 2020 for her assertion that she would “release the Kraken,” a reference to a mythical sea monster, while discussing her plans to file a lawsuit contesting the presidential election results.

Powell and Lin likely to testify in Georgia

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In the Georgia RiCO case against Trump and co-defendants, wherein they are accused of tampering with the state’s 2020 election results, Powell and Lin are anticipated to be called as witnesses by the prosecutors.

Powell accepted the plea deal, but Wood had already testified before a Fulton County grand jury.

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