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Progressive Christian Petition Gains Thousands of Signatures Against Trump Backing

A progressive Christian organization, Faithful America, has garnered thousands of signatures on a petition urging Catholic bishops to withdraw their support for former President Donald Trump.

Christian Nationalistic Group

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The group, known for championing social justice causes and opposing “Christian nationalism,” has called on Catholics to condemn bishops who align with what they describe as the “Christofascist campaign of Donald Trump.”
The online petition has already received over 12,500 signatures.

Petition Against Trump Support

Credit: Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Faithful America’s petition specifically criticizes Archbishop of New York Timothy Dolan and former Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, for their perceived endorsement of Trump’s campaign and the erroneous claim that Democrats cannot be Catholic.

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Contrary To Pope’s Views

Credit: Papal audience — Photo by neneosan

The group contends that such actions contradict Pope Francis’s call for a more pastoral approach from bishops.
It asserts that politicians like Trump, who embrace Christian nationalism and divisive policies, do not represent the values of Christianity.

Rejection of Partisan Actions

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The petition emphasizes that actions and words supportive of Trump, similar to those seen in 2020 from figures like Cardinal Dolan and Bishop Strickland, were partisan and lacked pastoral sensitivity.

Not To Be Repeated

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These people caused harm to vulnerable communities such as immigrants and the impoverished. Faithful America implores that such actions should not be repeated in the lead-up to the 2024 election.

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Alignment with Gospel Values

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Faithful America’s petition underscores that the teachings of the Gospel promote love, equality, and dignity, values that it suggests the MAGA movement contradicts.

The group appeals to faithful Catholics and allies to advocate for bishops to avoid involvement in the upcoming election.

Catholic Bishops’ Clarification

Credit: DepositPhotos

Credit: DepositPhotos

A United States Conference of Catholic Bishops spokesperson clarified that the Catholic Church does not instruct the laity to vote for any specific candidate or political party.

Teaching Documents

Credits: DepositPhotos

Instead, U.S. bishops release teaching documents to guide Catholics in understanding the Church’s teachings, enabling them to make informed decisions on election day.

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Pope Francis’s Actions

Credit: VATICAN CITY, VATICAN – November 20, 2015: Pope Francis during a weekly ceremony in the Vatican City. — Photo by georgevieirasilva

In November, Faithful America celebrated when Pope Francis removed Bishop Strickland from his position, citing Strickland’s alignment with election denial, QAnon conspiracy theories, criticism of Pope Francis, vaccine skepticism, opposition to LGBTQ+ rights, and divisive rhetoric on right-wing social media.

Vatican Investigation

Credit: DepositPhotos

Strickland’s removal followed a rare Vatican investigation, with Strickland frequently promoting right-wing politics during his time as bishop.

He had also labeled President Joe Biden, a practicing Catholic, as “evil.”

Pope’s Criticism of Ideological Catholics

During a meeting in Portugal, Pope Francis criticized some conservative American Catholics for prioritizing their political ideology over church doctrine, warning against “ideologies replacing faith” among “reactionary” Catholics.

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Faithful America’s Ongoing Campaigns

Credits: DepositPhotos

This anti-Trump petition aimed at Catholic bishops is not the first time Faithful America has taken a stance against the former president.

The organization frequently utilizes Christian perspectives to advocate for left-of-center political causes while critiquing Trump, the MAGA movement, and religious rights.

Prior Campaigns

Credit: DepositPhotos

Last month, Faithful America launched a petition condemning “MAGA Republicans” for what it characterized as “cruel policies” related to immigration, amid congressional debates on U.S.-Mexico border policies and aid for Ukraine.

Campaign Against Trump’s Candidacy

Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

In February 2023, Faithful America labeled Trump as “the insurrectionist ex-president.”
It urged Christians to support alternative candidates in the upcoming presidential election, cautioning against Trump’s commitment to what it described as fascist tactics that led to the January 6 attack on the Capitol by Christian nationalists.

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