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Progressive Hero Worship of Trump Prosecutors Condemned by Editor

A recent column by editor Michael Schafer criticizes the trend of idolizing prosecutors involved in cases against former President Donald Trump, urging liberals to stop the hero worship.

Politicizing the Legal System: A Dangerous Game

Schafer argues that the progressive hero worship of Trump prosecutors inadvertently plays into Trump’s narrative of a politicized legal system, potentially undermining the impartiality of the justice system.

Public Employees Turned Pop-Culture Icons

The phenomenon of public employees involved in Trump’s legal battles, such as Judge Tanya Chutkan, gaining iconic status is highlighted as concerning by Schafer.

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Merchandise and Cult-like Followings

Schafer points out that merchandise featuring the prosecutors’ names and images, like the “JUDGE CHUTKAN FAN CLUB” shirts sold on Etsy, contribute to the elevation of these figures as pop-culture heroes.

Undermining the Impartiality of the Legal System

Elevating prosecutors to symbols of resistance undermines the core principle of an impartial legal system, according to Schafer. He emphasizes treating all citizens and public servants equally, regardless of political affiliations.

Reinforcing Trump’s Narrative

Turning prosecutors into figures of admiration further reinforces Trump’s claim of a rigged system, enhancing his narrative of a politically motivated legal battle.

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Cultivating the Delegitimization of Institutions

Schafer argues that the idolization of prosecutors contributes to the delegitimization of institutions, which aligns with Trump’s rhetoric and undermines faith in the justice system.

A Dangerous Path for Democracy

Participating in hero worship of public servants based on political alignment is detrimental to a healthy democracy, warns Schafer.

A Call to Cease Hero Worship

The column concludes with a caution to progressives, urging them to refrain from participating in this progressive hero worship and stressing the importance of maintaining a healthy democracy.

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Avoiding the Divisive Path

Schafer emphasizes the need for a country where public servants are not viewed as heroes or villains based on their alignment with political factions, in order to foster unity and respect for institutions.

 Impartiality as a Core Principle

Schafer underscores the significance of impartiality in the legal system, and asserts that hero worship threatens this fundamental principle.

Upholding Democracy’s Principles

In order to preserve a healthy democracy, Schafer implores both liberals and conservatives to refrain from idolizing public servants and to prioritize the impartiality and integrity of the justice system.

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