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Progressives Shift Away from Two-State Solution for Israel-Palestine Conflict

In a recent discussion on “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks highlighted a rift between liberals and progressives within the Democratic Party regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict. According to Brooks, the progressive wing has moved away from advocating for a two-state solution in favor of a more ambiguous one-state solution.

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Brooks pointed out that prominent figures like Joe Biden, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, who can be classified as liberals, have argued for a new approach due to the ceasefires repeatedly being violated by Hamas. These liberals believe that relying on ceasefires alone is not a sustainable strategy and that a different approach is needed to effectively address the ongoing bloodshed.

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On the other hand, progressives have adopted a policy that deviates from the traditional Democratic stance of supporting Israel. Chanting slogans like “From the river to the sea,” they promote a one-state solution. However, it remains unclear what this one state would actually look like. This departure from the Democratic Party’s traditional position is not limited to the Israel-Gaza conflict, as similar ruptures between progressives and liberals can be observed on various other issues.

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