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Protesters Disrupt Nancy Pelosi’s Seattle Speech, Accuse Her of Complicity in Genocide

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi encountered disruptions during a speech at an event in Seattle, as protesters accused her of complicity in international conflicts and called for her to end her address.

Protesters Confront Pelosi on International Issues

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While delivering her speech, Pelosi faced a challenging moment as a protester accused her of being complicit in various international conflicts.

The protester’s impassioned accusations centered around issues in Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine.

Protesters’ Accusations

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One protester shouted, “Nancy Pelosi, you are complicit in the Israeli crime of genocide!” and went on to criticize the actions of the U.S. government in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine.

End to Palestinian Occupation

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The protester demanded an end to the Zionist occupation of Palestine and the lifting of the 17-year-long siege of Gaza.

Support for Freeing Palestine Not Antisemitic

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Another protester, identifying as a Jewish person with Holocaust survivors in their family, expressed support for advocating for a free Palestine and speaking out against multiple genocides.

They emphasized that such actions were not anti-Semitic.

Pelosi’s Exchange with Andrea Mitchell

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During the event, Nancy Pelosi engaged in a spirited exchange with MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell. Mitchell raised the topic of House Republicans’ push to investigate President Biden, drawing parallels with Pelosi’s cautious approach to impeachment in the past.

Republican Efforts To Impeach Biden Under Question

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Mitchell questioned Pelosi about her stance on the Republican efforts to investigate Biden, mentioning concerns about initiating a process that might be challenging to stop once it began.

Pelosi’s Response on Biden’s Impeachment

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In response to Andrea Mitchell’s question, Pelosi defended her position by describing the impeachment proceedings against President Biden as “frivolous” and a “diversionary tactic.”

She downplayed the efforts, emphasizing that they were not based on sound allegations.

Positive Economic Achievements

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Pelosi redirected the discussion toward the positive economic achievements of the Biden administration, mentioning a job report of nearly 200,000 jobs and a low unemployment rate of three-and-a-half percent.

Unemployment Rate Coming Down

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She highlighted that 18 consecutive months had seen unemployment rates remain under 4 percent.

Job Creation

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Additionally, Pelosi pointed out that 13.4 million jobs had been created during Joe Biden’s tenure in the White House, a figure she attributed to the collaboration between the Biden administration and Congressional Democrats.

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