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Putin Ally Suggests US Civil War Would Benefit the World

An ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin has sparked controversy by suggesting that a new civil war in the United States would have positive global implications. The remarks come amidst growing political polarization within the U.S., and as tensions rise on the international stage.

Tensions Rise as Political Divides Deepen

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Suggestions and insinuations about the possibility of a second American civil war have become increasingly common, reflecting the deepening political divisions within the United States.

Trump’s Actions Over The Last Year

21 February 2016: Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to several thousand supporters at a rally in Atlanta, Georgia. — Photo by actionsports

Over the past year, as the nation grappled with multiple criminal indictments against former President Donald Trump, many Republicans openly speculated about the potential for civil conflict. In May, Trump himself shared a social media post discussing the idea of a looming civil war, drawing significant backlash from various quarters.

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Controversial Clip on X

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Julia Davis, founder of the Russian Media Monitor watchdog group, recently shared a clip from a state-run media broadcast in Russia on social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter).

Pro-Putin Figure’s Controversial Statement

MINSK, BELARUS – Feb 11, 2015: Russian President Vladimir Putin before the negotiations leaders of states in Normandy format in Minsk — Photo by palinchak

In the clip, Sergei Markov, a prominent pro-Putin political scientist and former adviser to the Russian leader, suggested that a new civil war in the U.S. would also benefit Russia and potentially lead to the resolution of the conflict with Ukraine.

Markov’s Provocative Remarks

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During the broadcast, Markov expressed his views on what the symbol of the “Wood Dragon” for the new year might mean for the United States. He stated, “I think this means there will be a civil war in America. I think it’s logical…Yes, the dragon will get them, that’s good for the world.”

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Reaffirming Stand

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Host Evgeny Popov interrupted, suggesting that Russia does not wish war on any nation, including the United States. Markov, however, reaffirmed his stance, saying, “No, we do wish it…We know if something really starts in America, civil war in Ukraine will stop one week later.”

Implications for Ukraine

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Markov elaborated on his argument, suggesting that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Ukrainian Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief Valerii Zaluzhny would hasten to mediate a resolution to the conflict in the event of a U.S. civil war.

Colonial Junta

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He described the current Ukrainian regime as a “colonial junta” imposed by America, expressing a desire for peace in the new year and for Ukrainians to be freed from this perceived oppression.

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Medvedev’s Failed Predictions

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Dmitry Medvedev, the former Russian President and ally of Putin, had previously made predictions for the year 2023, some of which garnered widespread mockery after failing to materialize.

Past Civil War Boasts

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Among his predictions was the assertion that the U.S. would descend into civil war, resulting in Texas and California becoming independent nations and Texas forming a partnership with Mexico. Medvedev also forecasted that the civil war would ultimately end and that businessman Elon Musk would become president in the aftermath, though none of these predictions came to pass.

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