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Putin Is Trying To Bribe People To Join His Army, Could Hurt Russia’s Economy

The Kremlin is reportedly using financial incentives as a strategy to encourage enlistment and sustain military engagement against Ukraine, risking significant economic repercussions, the British Ministry of Defense has highlighted.

Vladimir Putin brought into force two pieces of legislation just a few days ago, both aimed at supporting military personnel and their families in Russia as the ongoing war against Ukraine continues.

The first legislative measure offers financial relief to soldiers by exempting them from paying interest on consumer loans and providing credit holidays. 

This builds on a previous 2022 law that protected mobilized soldiers from penalties on late payments across various financial obligations.

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The second law ensures that servicemen’s widows cannot be dismissed for at least one year after the death of their spouse. 

This move appears to be an effort to mollify the families affected by the conflict.

The British Ministry of Defense interprets these laws as the Kremlin’s attempt to mitigate dissatisfaction within the military ranks and among the families of servicemen, potentially to quell public dissent and encourage more Russians to join the fight.

While these incentives may bolster military morale in the short term, British analysts warn they could strain the Russian economy in the longer term, impacting financial stability and growth.

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“The Kremlin has likely instituted these laws in hopes of appeasing Russian service personnel, financially incentivizing more recruits to join the fight in exchange for state benefits, and limiting criticism from the wives of deceased service personnel,” the report states.

Since 2022, western sanctions coupled with internal economic policies have pushed Russia into a difficult financial predicament, characterized by a mix of recession and stagnation. 

Despite available economic strategies that could alleviate this situation, President Vladimir Putin’s political and geo-strategic decisions have made these options unfeasible. 

The devaluation of the Russian ruble, which could have potentially boosted exports, domestic manufacturing, and foreign investment under normal circumstances, has not led to economic recovery. 

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This is largely because of Russia’s deep-rooted structural issues, including a lack of economic diversification and a non-conducive business environment exacerbated by an increase in anti-Western sentiment and isolationist policies.

While Moscow does not disclose any official death tolls, it is estimated by Ukraine that nearly 450,000 losses have happened since 2022.

The economic landscape in Russia is further complicated by Putin’s ambitious military and social expenditures, which are now threatened by plummeting oil prices and reduced state revenue.

In response to heavy losses, Russia is reportedly drafting approximately 30,000 new soldiers monthly, aiming to replenish its forces as it continues its military campaign in Ukraine.

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Independent reports from Russian opposition media suggest that the recent intensification of Russia’s military operations has led to a sharp increase in frontline casualties, further exacerbating the need for the newly implemented support measures.

The introduction of these laws underscores the severe challenges Russia faces as it seeks to sustain its military efforts in Ukraine. 

The long-term economic and social consequences of these policies will likely resonate far beyond the immediate battlefield gains, posing serious questions about the sustainability of Russia’s war strategy.

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