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Putin’s Crackdown Leaves Transgender Russians Bracing for Worse

Gay and transgender individuals in Russia are facing increasing repression, with recent laws and measures criminalizing surgery and hormone treatments used for gender transitions. President Vladimir Putin’s government leverages the war in Ukraine as justification for greater restrictions on LGBTQ life.

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Recent Crackdown Measures:

– A law was signed banning all surgery and hormone treatments for gender transitions.
– In December, a law prohibiting the representation of LGBTQ relationships in media was enacted.
– The law nullifies marriages when one spouse changes gender and bans adoptions by such couples.
– Treatment with estrogen or testosterone is also banned, with limited exceptions for those who had already started the process.

Critics’ View:

Critics, including legal and medical professionals and gay rights activists, view these measures as an attempt to distract from Russia’s military failings in Ukraine by creating a boogeyman portraying LGBTQ individuals as a threat from the West.

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Putin’s Role:

Putin himself has scorned gay rights and has denigrated transgender people in his speeches. He portrays the West as seeking to undermine Russian security and “traditional values” by promoting gender identity issues and LGBTQ rights.

Impact on Transgender Individuals:

The new law essentially removes the ability of transgender individuals to control their own bodies and lives. It prohibits them from updating official documents with their true gender, hindering various aspects of life, such as employment and travel. It also creates potential hurdles for transgender people in accessing healthcare and other services.

Shift in Attitudes:

The Kremlin’s propaganda campaign against the LGBTQ community may have affected Russian attitudes, with an increase in respondents viewing gay people with disgust or fear over the past decade.

National Security Pretext:

The law banning gender transitions is presented as a matter of national security, an increasingly fluid concept used to justify various repressive measures.

Appeal to Conservative Voters:

Putin portrays Russia as a bastion of “traditional family values” to appeal to conservative voters both domestically and internationally.

Impact on LGBTQ Community:

The law has intensified hate crimes against the LGBTQ community, with violence surging after previous repressive measures.

Resistance and Future Concerns:

Members of the transgender community in Russia are bracing for more challenges and hate crimes, and the founder of Center T, an organization supporting transgender people, fears it may have to shut down or operate underground.


Photo Credits: DepositPhotos

The repressive measures imposed by Putin’s government have left the LGBTQ community in Russia facing increasing challenges and discrimination. As the government tightens its grip on LGBTQ rights, the situation for gay and transgender individuals in Russia appears to be growing more oppressive and uncertain.

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