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Rachel Levine Encourages Parents to Advocate for Vaccines at School Board Meetings

Rachel Levine Urges Parental Support for Vaccines

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Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine calls on parents to advocate in favor of vaccines at school board meetings and other public forums.

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Misinformation Threatening Vaccine Confidence

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Levine highlights the decline in vaccination rates due to the spread of myths and fear by a small minority, emphasizing the need for parents to address this issue.

Empowering Parents to Defend Vaccines

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Levine provides three steps for parents: educating themselves on vaccines, being vocal about their benefits, and participating in vaccine discussions at school board meetings.

Educate Themselves

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Parents should seek accurate information from reputable government and medical websites to learn more about vaccines.

Be Vocal

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Levine encourages parents to share personal experiences that highlight the positive impact vaccines have had on their family’s health and safety.

Engage at School Board Meetings

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Even if uncomfortable speaking, parents’ presence alone can send a powerful message of support for vaccinations in communities where they are being debated.

Empowering Parents for a Safer Future

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Levine acknowledges the difficulty of discussing vaccines for some parents but emphasizes that these conversations are vital for protecting children’s well-being.

Strengthening Public Confidence

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By actively combating misinformation and supporting vaccinations, parents play a crucial role in ensuring public confidence in vaccines remains strong.

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Rachel Levine’s Role in the Biden Administration

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Rachel Levine is the highest-ranking openly transgender official in the Biden administration, bringing her unique perspective to addressing vaccine concerns.

Vaccine Debates in Context

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Levine’s call for parental involvement comes at a time when vaccine debates are ongoing, with misinformation posing a threat to vaccination rates.

Rachel Levine’s Background

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Levine’s expertise as a pediatrician and experience in public health policy positions her as a credible and knowledgeable advocate for vaccines.


Credit: DepositPhotos

Levine’s blog post emphasizes the importance of parents advocating for vaccines in school settings and other public forums to protect children’s health.

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