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Rachel Levine Encourages Parents to Advocate for Vaccines at School Board Meetings

Rachel Levine, the highest-ranking openly transgender official in the Biden administration, called on parents nationwide to speak up in support of vaccines at school board meetings and other public forums. In a blog post titled “Our back-to-school checklist has to include vaccine conversations,” Levine emphasized the importance of combating misinformation and defending vaccines to protect children’s health.

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Misinformation Threatening Vaccine Confidence

Levine acknowledged that most Americans trust routine vaccines, but vaccination rates have been declining due to the influence of a “small minority voice” that spreads myths and fear about vaccines. She stressed the need for parents to address this issue and protect the credibility of vaccines.

Empowering Parents to Defend Vaccines

The Assistant Secretary of Health offered three steps for parents to actively support vaccines in school settings:

1. Educate Themselves: Parents should access reputable government and medical websites to learn more about vaccines, ensuring they have accurate information.

2. Be Vocal: Levine encouraged parents to speak up about the value of vaccines, sharing personal experiences of the positive impact vaccinations have had on their family’s health and safety.

3. Engage at School Board Meetings: In communities where vaccines are being debated at school board meetings or other venues, Levine urged parents to participate, even if they are not comfortable speaking. Their presence alone can send a powerful message in support of vaccinations.

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Empowering Parents for a Safer Future

Photo Credit: Depositphotos

Levine acknowledged that discussing vaccines might be challenging for some parents, but emphasized that these conversations are vital to protecting children’s well-being. By actively combating misinformation and supporting vaccinations, parents play a crucial role in ensuring public confidence in vaccines remains strong.

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