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Rainbow Library’s Schoolyard Revolution: Kids Confide in Teachers, not Parents!”

Who’s Reading Rainbow Now?

The rainbow isn’t just a colorful spectacle in the sky anymore. It’s made a landing in your kid’s classroom and it’s stirring up the schoolyard! GLSEN’s “Rainbow Library” program is hand-delivering a rainbow of literature to K-12 schools, fostering an “inclusive” environment that encourages children to ‘come out’ to their teachers and librarians. Yeah, you read that right. It’s not about the birds and bees talk with mom and dad anymore!

Unlocking the Rainbow Library: More Than Just Books

In a video posted on GLSEN Arizona’s YouTube account, we got the inside scoop about what comes with the ‘Rainbow Library’ kit. Spoiler alert: it’s more than just books! It also includes a ‘safe space kit’ that gives educators tips and tools on how to deal when a student comes out to them. Because who better to guide your kid’s life-changing moments than their teachers, right?

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Rainbows Across America: How Many Schools are Involved?

The Rainbow Library isn’t just a little project in a small corner of America. Nope, it’s spreading like wildfire. Over 5,800 schools across 31 states have got their hands on the “rainbow libraries”. Even teachers and librarians in states where the program isn’t up and running yet can join the waiting list to get on the rainbow bandwagon.

What’s in the Box? The Rainbow Library Book Selection

Credit: DepositPhotos

The full list of books in the Rainbow Library is as secretive as the recipe for KFC’s 11 herbs and spices! But what we do know is that two-thirds of the current books were written by queer authors of color and 40% by trans and nonbinary authors. Talk about diverse reading material!

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Rainbow Library: On the Frontline of the Culture War?

Rainbow Library has some words for those trying to squash LGBTQ related content in public schools. On their webpage, they tell educators in those states to apply for the materials anyway. Why? Because they say, “U.S. public school students have a constitutional right to access books that affirm BIPOC and LGBTQ+ people.”

Rainbow Library’s Annual Get-Together: Creating Bonds Beyond Books

The Rainbow Library goes beyond the classroom too, hosting an annual summit where students, parents, librarians, and teachers can connect and form bonds within the LGBTQ affirming community. It’s like summer camp, but with more rainbows!

GLSEN in the Crosshairs: Support Despite Controversy

Of course, with anything this groundbreaking, there’s bound to be some flak. GLSEN recently found itself in the hot seat after it was revealed that Target Corporation and the National Education Association (NEA), the nation’s largest teachers union, had shown support for them. Controversial, right? Especially when you consider their policy on keeping students’ gender identities under wraps from parents.

Over to You: We Want to Hear Your Take!

So, there you have it! The Rainbow Library is definitely making waves. What do you think? Is this a welcome splash of color in our classrooms or is it a step too far? We want to hear your thoughts, so don’t hold back!

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