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Ramaswamy Envisions Trump as Potential Adviser if Elected

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy recently shared his perspective on the possibility of seeking guidance from former President Trump in the event that he secures the presidency in 2024. Speaking at a NewsNation town hall event, Ramaswamy expressed his admiration for Trump’s presidency, particularly his victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016. He views Trump’s triumph as a pivotal moment that halted what he perceives as a leftward progression within the government and institutions.

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Ramaswamy highlighted his intention to build on the “America first agenda” initiated by Trump and to further curtail the “administrative state.” He stated, “I expect to take him as an adviser as well as I’m actually taking to the next level our America first agenda, shutting down that administrative state.”

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In his remarks, Ramaswamy emphasized his respect for Trump’s foundation and the potential to learn from it.

He also indicated his willingness to consider other Republican presidential primary contenders for Cabinet positions, underlining the importance of collaboration in revitalizing the nation.

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As the current front-runner in the Republican presidential primary race, Trump holds a substantial lead with 54.5 percent support, according to the Real Clear Politics average.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis follows in second place with 14.8 percent, while Ramaswamy occupies the third spot with 6.3 percent..

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