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Randy Travis Stands by Jason Aldean Amid ‘Try That in a Small Town’ Backlash

Randy Travis and his wife, Mary, recently extended their support to Jason Aldean as he faces criticism for his music video, “Try That in a Small Town.” The couple expressed their agreement with the song’s message and defended its intent during a conversation with Fox News Digital.

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Small Town Values and Protection

Mary, speaking on behalf of Randy due to his limited speech after a stroke, highlighted that they relate to the song’s sentiment, living in a small town themselves. They firmly believe in protecting their country and want others to feel the same way.

Defending the Video’s Context

Addressing the controversy surrounding the video, Mary argued that the footage used was taken from news media covering actual events, not promoting anything controversial. She also pointed out that various projects, including movies and music videos, have used the same location featured in the video.

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Focusing on Positive Change

Credit: DepositPhotos

Jason Aldean maintains that his song and video are not racist but instead a call for positive change. He urges people to act responsibly, irrespective of their race, and emphasizes the importance of preserving small-town values in larger cities as well.

Moving Forward with Kindness and Forgiveness

Looking beyond the past, Mary advocates for moving forward with kindness, generosity, and forgiveness. She suggests living simply and leaving the rest to God for a better future.

In conclusion, Randy Travis and Mary stand firmly in support of Jason Aldean, backing the message of “Try That in a Small Town” and encouraging a united approach towards building a brighter tomorrow.

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