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Rashida Tlaib: House Denied Approval To Hold Vigil for Palestinian and Israeli Lives!

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has suggested that House leadership refused to authorize a vigil on the Capitol steps mourning Palestinian and Israeli deaths. She stated that there is a concerted effort to silence those speaking up for peaceful coexistence and the human rights of all people.

The Unauthorized Vigil

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Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Rep. Cori Bush organized a vigil on the House steps without official authorization, highlighting the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

Tlaib’s Critique of House Leadership

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Tlaib criticized the lack of authorization, emphasizing the need to mourn all lives, regardless of nationality or faith.

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Control Over Capitol Space

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The Speaker of the House typically controls the use of space at the Capitol, requiring Democrats to seek permission for official events.

Blame on House Minority Leader’s Office

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An anonymous source blamed House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries’ office for not authorizing the vigil, citing a lack of bipartisan support.

Tlaib’s Condemnation of Netanyahu’s Actions

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At a press conference, Tlaib denounced Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s actions as a “genocidal bombing campaign.”

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Tlaib’s Call for Peaceful Coexistence

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Tlaib highlighted the effort to silence voices advocating for peaceful coexistence and human rights for all.

The Vigil’s Limited Attendance

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The vigil, led by Tlaib and Bush, was attended by only six other House Democrats, contrasting with a larger bipartisan vigil for Israeli civilians.

The Death Toll in Gaza

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The Gaza Health Ministry reported over 17,000 Palestinian deaths since the Israeli counteroffensive began.

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Tensions Within the Democratic Party

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The vigil and Tlaib’s stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have intensified tensions within the Democratic Party.

Censure Vote Against Tlaib

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Twenty-two Democratic colleagues voted to censure Tlaib over her comments on Israel, while four Republicans opposed the censure.

Progressive Calls for Ceasefire

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Progressive lawmakers, including Tlaib, continue to advocate for a permanent ceasefire in the conflict.

Debates Over US Aid to Israel

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Discussions about conditioning US aid to Israel are gaining momentum among certain lawmakers.

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Previous Capitol Hill Spurns

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Tlaib has faced previous rejections by Capitol Hill leaders for activities related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


McCarthy’s Block on “Nakba” Event

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Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy blocked Tlaib from using the Capitol Visitor Center for an event commemorating the “Nakba.”

Sanders’ Assistance for Tlaib’s Event

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Senator Bernie Sanders helped Tlaib hold the “Nakba” event in a Senate hearing room, showcasing cross-party support.

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Donald Trump Faces Reinstated Gag Order in New York Civil Fraud Trial

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