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Rats High on Marijuana Discovered in New Orleans Police HQ 

Police headquarters in New Orleans faces an unusual infestation: rats high on marijuana.

The situation is dire, with evidence rooms breached and the health of the premises compromised.

‘They’re All High’

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“The rats are eating our marijuana. They’re all high,” reports Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick of the New Orleans Police Department, revealing the surprising cause of the infestation.

A Building in Disrepair

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The police HQ also has a cockroach infestation and lacks essential facilities like functional air conditioning, elevators, and bathrooms.

The Impact on Morale

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Dirty and inadequate work conditions have taken a toll on staff morale, particularly following the challenges posed by the defunding of the police movement in 2020, according to Superintendent Kirkpatrick.

A Statement by the Superintendent

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“When we say we value our employees, you can’t say that and at the same time allow people to work in conditions that are not acceptable,” argues Kirkpatrick, highlighting the contradiction in values and reality.

A Problem Beyond the Local

Credit: DepositPhotos – Mayor Eric Adams Press Conference on excessive heat wave in NYC. July 27, 2023, New York, USA: New York City Mayor, Eric Adams explains and warns of the dangers of exessive heat on the body and what the city is willing to do to protect — Photo by thenews2.com

NYC Mayor Eric Adams blames their rat problem, among other issues like COVID-19 and high living costs, for driving people away from New York City, showing that the issue transcends local boundaries.

A New Home on the Horizon

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Plans are underway to relocate the police department to a new building across from the Caesars Superdome.

The department hopes to move in by May, subject to city council approval.

The Cost of Relocation

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The anticipated annual lease for the new building is approximately $670,000, and the move itself is estimated to cost an additional $300,000.

An Unlikely Party City Infestation

Credit: DepositPhotos – NEW ORLEANS – FEBRUARY 8, 2016: Tourists along city streets at night before Mardi Gras. New Orleans attracts 15 million people annually. — Photo by jovannig

The infestation issue comes mere weeks after New Orleans, a beloved party city, hosted hundreds of thousands of visitors for Mardi Gras, contrasting the festive atmosphere with the grim reality at the police HQ.

Evidence of the Infestation

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Staffers sometimes find rat droppings on their desks, a clear sign of the severity of the infestation within the police headquarters.

A Step Toward Improvement

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The move to a new location represents a crucial step towards providing a safer, healthier work environment for the police department’s personnel, aiming to restore morale and operational efficiency.

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