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Recent Poll Says Americans Feel Biden Is Not Respected as a World Leader

A recent survey has revealed that only 37% of Americans believe President Biden is respected among other world leaders.

The survey’s insights represent a decline in public perception compared to previous years.

Gallup Survey Results

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According to the Gallup survey conducted in February, 58% of respondents believe Biden is not respected by world leaders, with only 5% expressing no opinion.


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The survey comprises data collected from telephone interviews with more than 1,000 Americans. Its error margin was 4%.

Political Affiliation Breakdown

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Furthermore, the survey findings reveal strong partisan divisions. Of those surveyed, 74% of Democrats perceive Biden as respected among world leaders.

This contrasts sharply with a mere 3% of Republicans and 34% of independents.

Comparison With Previous Years

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The survey results reflect a consistent trend, mirroring the perception of Biden’s global respect observed in February 2023.

However, compared to February 2021, there has been a notable decline.

Comparison With Trump’s Presidency

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Despite Biden’s low rating in the survey, it matches the highest level of perceived respect former President Trump received during his tenure.

Perceived Favorability of the US

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There was also an indication of a decline in the perceived favorability of the U.S. on a global scale.

Only 42% of Americans rated the country favorably, the lowest percentage since February 2017.

Satisfaction With US Position

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The survey also reveals that satisfaction with the U.S.’s position significantly declined during Biden’s presidency.

It dropped from steady levels in previous years to as low as 33% in February 2024.

Historical Comparison

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Comparing the satisfaction levels and perceived global respect between Biden and Trump’s presidencies underscores the stark differences in partisan perspectives over time.

Survey Represents Challenges

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The Gallup survey underscores the challenges facing the Biden administration in maintaining U.S. leadership and credibility internationally.

Public perception of the president’s global respect continues to fluctuate amidst ongoing geopolitical developments.

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