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Records Reveal Frequent Email Exchanges Between Joe Biden and Eric Schwerin During Ukraine Diplomacy

In a revelation that has ignited political debate, House Republicans released 54 emails between Joe Biden and Hunter’s associate, Eric Schwerin, from Biden’s vice presidency. These emails coincide with Biden’s Ukraine diplomacy and Hunter’s Burisma involvement, sparking significant debate.

White House Responds to Email Disclosures

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The White House, declining to comment directly, referenced House Democrats’ statements. These statements noted Schwerin’s role as Joe Biden’s financial advisor from 2009 to 2017, including assisting with tax returns.

Details of Biden-Schwerin Emails Unclear

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The records detail the dates and participants of the emails but exclude their content. Investigators confirmed they haven’t reviewed the email contents, leaving the nature of the exchanges unknown.

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Biden’s Ukraine Trips Coincide with Email Surge

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Joe Biden sent 35 emails to Schwerin surrounding his 2014 trips to Ukraine. Notably, five emails were exchanged right before a June 7, 2014, trip, and 27 emails between late June and a November 21, 2014, visit.

Peak Communication During Hunter’s Burisma Deal

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 Most emails were sent during significant periods, particularly around Hunter Biden’s agreement to join Burisma’s board. This suggests a correlation between the timing of the emails and major events in Hunter’s career.

Raskin Comments on Schwerin’s Interview

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In a news release, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) relayed Schwerin’s March interview with the House Ways and Means Committee. Schwerin asserted that Joe Biden had no involvement in his son’s or relatives’ business dealings.

According to Raskin, Schwerin confirmed he was unaware of any involvement by President Biden in his family members’ business transactions or any related financial dealings.

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Email Disclosures from Law Enforcement Records

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 These email disclosures are part of law enforcement records. They were released by House Republicans following IRS whistleblower Joseph Ziegler’s testimony and documents provided to the House Ways and Means Committee.

Ziegler’s Revelation to Congress

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Ziegler informed Congress, “There were multiple emails found with Hunter Biden and his business associates.” He revealed that the investigation team initially didn’t know Joe Biden used an alias for private emails.

Hunter Biden’s Financial Gains from Burisma

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In 2014, Hunter Biden earned approximately $1.2 million from Burisma. Federal prosecutors later alleged he made over $1.4 million from the firm from 2016 to 2019.

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Legal Challenges of Hunter Biden

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 Facing misdemeanor and felony federal tax charges, Hunter Biden is set for arraignment in Los Angeles. His attorney, Abbe Lowell, stated that, despite paying his taxes, new charges were added following a lengthy investigation.

Allegations of Bribery in Hunter’s Burisma Tenure

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Hunter Biden was announced as head of legal affairs for Burisma in May 2014. Allegations emerged that Burisma paid a bribe to a Ukrainian official in 2014 to halt a money-laundering probe.

Trump’s False Claims Against Joe Biden

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Former President Donald Trump falsely claimed Joe Biden facilitated the removal of Ukrainian prosecutor Victor Shokin, who was allegedly investigating Burisma. Testimonies to Congress indicated Shokin was dismissed for corruption, not for probing Burisma.

Hunter Biden’s Reflections in His Memoir

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In his 2021 book, Hunter Biden acknowledged that his business deals often lacked tangible results. He described his Burisma board position as timely and financially beneficial, allowing him more time with his ailing brother Beau.

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