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Redditor’s Bold Move: Revealing Marriage Status to Sister’s Friend Sparks Controversy – Was It Justified?

Redditor Seeks Opinions on Telling Sister’s Friend about Marriage Status

In a thought-provoking post on a popular subreddit – r/AmItheA**hole, Reddit user seeks validation for their actions after revealing their married status to their sister’s friend. The user wants to know whether their decision was justified or if they crossed a line. Let’s delve into the details and evaluate both sides of the argument.

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The Background

The Redditor begins the post by explaining that their sister’s friend had been showing interest in them for a while, despite being aware of their marital status. Despite being flattered, the user was uneasy about the situation and wanted to set boundaries.

The Conflict

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The main conflict arose when the sister’s friend, whom the Redditor refers to as Amy, approached them in a social gathering and, seemingly ignoring their marital status, made advances towards them. Feeling uncomfortable and struggling to get Amy to understand their unavailability, the Redditor finally decided to drop the bombshell.

The Reveal

In an attempt to put an end to Amy’s advances, the Redditor decided to tell her that they were in fact married. The user hoped that disclosing this information would make Amy understand the importance of respecting their relationship.

The Aftermath

Whilst the user expected relief after their revelation, they were met with a mixed reaction from Amy, leading to awkward tension. Some Redditors believe the confession was an appropriate and necessary action to protect their marriage, while others are of the opinion that the Redditor should have handled the situation more tactfully.

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Alternate Perspectives

Various Redditors shared their insights and offered alternative approaches that the user could have taken. Some suggested maintaining distance and politely declining Amy’s advances without revealing their married status, while others felt honesty was the best policy in a situation where boundaries were continuously being crossed.

The Verdict

As is often the case, opinions on the post were divided. While some argued that the Redditor was completely in the right for revealing their marital status to defend their relationship, others believed the user could have employed more subtle methods to convey their unavailability.


The Reddit community proves once again to be an engaging platform for seeking different perspectives on delicate situations. While the original poster’s intentions were to set boundaries with their sister’s friend, the validity of their actions hinges on personal beliefs and opinions. Ultimately, the decision rests with the individual and what they feel is necessary to protect and prioritize their relationship.

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