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Redditors Share Jaw-Dropping Tales of Mother-in-law’s Boundary Violations – A Relationship Nightmare!

Redditors Share a Story of Challenging Mother-in-law Boundaries in a Relationship

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In a recent Reddit post on the r/relationships subreddit, a user named “throwawayMIL” (35M) seeks advice regarding his mother-in-law’s unusual behavior and boundary setting in his relationship. This article delves into the details of the situation and explores the community’s responses.

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ThrowawayMIL starts by providing essential background information: he has been married to his wife for five years, and they have a three-year-old child. His mother-in-law, a 71-year-old woman, has been living with them for the past two years due to various health problems.

The Situation:

According to the post, the mother-in-law is wholeheartedly involving herself in the couple’s day-to-day life. She routinely opens their mail, rearranges their belongings without permission, and even snoops through their personal items. ThrowawayMIL also feels that his mother-in-law oversteps her boundaries by involving herself in disciplinary matters of their child.

Setting a Boundary:

ThrowawayMIL explains that after a recent incident where his mother-in-law openly criticized his parenting skills, he attempted to assert a boundary by addressing her actions. He politely asked her to stop going through their things without permission. In response, the mother-in-law firmly stated that, as the homeowner, she is entitled to whatever she wants and will not change her behavior.

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Community Advice:

Reddit users were quick to respond with understanding and advice for ThrowawayMIL. Many suggested that the husband and wife should have a serious conversation about the issue before seeking potential solutions. Users also emphasized the importance of setting boundaries and enforcing them, even if it means finding alternative living arrangements for the mother-in-law.

Some Redditors suggested seeking legal advice to explore options for evicting the mother-in-law, while others recommended involving a family counselor or mediator to facilitate communication and conflict resolution. Several commenters shared their own experiences, offering stories and advice on how they dealt with challenging in-law dynamics.


ThrowawayMIL’s predicament highlights the difficulties that can arise when living with a mother-in-law who disregards boundaries. As this thread on Reddit’s r/relationships illustrates, seeking support from an understanding community can be a valuable resource in navigating such complex family dynamics. With the collective wisdom and advice offered by Redditors, ThrowawayMIL can begin the process of addressing the issue and restoring necessary boundaries in his relationship with his mother-in-law.

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