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Rep. Dan Crenshaw Criticizes Democrats Over Child Sex Changes For Minors

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) strongly criticized his Democratic colleagues during a House Energy and Commerce Committee markup of health bills, highlighting his concerns about the risks associated with puberty blockers and hormone treatments for children. Crenshaw emphasized that these treatments have potential consequences, including a high likelihood of transitioning to hormone therapy and later surgical interventions.

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Risk and Lack of Evidence

Crenshaw contended that there is a significant risk when giving 12-year-olds puberty blockers, as the vast majority of them eventually move on to hormone therapy. He challenged claims that such treatments prevent suicides, asserting that there is zero evidence to support this. Additionally, Crenshaw pointed out that many U.S. teens seeking gender clinics already have co-morbid psychiatric diagnoses.

Criticism of Democrats’ Position

During the committee debate over H.R. 3887, which proposes to withdraw funding from hospitals providing surgeries and puberty blockers to transgender minors, Crenshaw accused his Democratic colleagues of promoting a “social contagion” that emerged only within the last 15 years. He argued that this issue did not have Democratic support before that period, and it has become a trend without substantial evidence backing it.

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Previous Interactions on the Issue

This is not the first time Crenshaw has raised concerns about transgender surgeries for minors. He previously questioned a Democrat witness’s inability to provide medical studies supporting the benefits of such therapies during a committee hearing. Crenshaw’s skepticism about the evidence behind these treatments informed his introduction of the Children’s Hospital GME Support Reauthorization Act, which stipulates that program funding should not go to children’s hospitals offering “gender affirming care” to minors.


Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s passionate opposition to puberty blockers and hormone treatments for children reflects a broader debate within Congress and the medical community about the potential risks and benefits of these interventions. As the discussions continue, lawmakers face the challenge of balancing the well-being of transgender youth with concerns about the long-term effects of these treatments.

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