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Rep. Gallagher Heads US Congressional Delegation in Taiwan to Strengthen Ties

A delegation from the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party arrived in Taiwan on February 22, marking a significant effort to support the democratic-led island and strengthen U.S.–Taiwan relations.

Mission Objective

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Led by Rep. Mike Gallagher, the delegation aims to engage with senior Taiwanese officials to discuss U.S.–Taiwan relations, trade, and regional security as part of their trip to the Indo–Pacific region.

Gallagher’s Statement

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“Time and again, Taiwan has shown the world how to stand up to the CCP’s bullying… The United States stands with Taiwan,” Gallagher stated, emphasizing the trip’s purpose of solidarity.

Democratic Victory

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The visit follows the election of Lai Ching-te as president, securing the Democratic Progressive Party another term.

This victory is perceived as a challenge by the CCP.

Tsai’s Welcome

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Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen highlighted the visit as a demonstration of U.S. support for Taiwan’s democracy.

She acknowledged the delegation’s role in reinforcing the partnership between the two nations.

Committee’s Founding Goals

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Since its inception in January 2023, the Select Committee on the CCP has actively supported Taiwan, producing reports and policy recommendations to aid the self-ruled democratic island.

Pelosi’s Precedent

Credits: DepositPhotos- Brussels, Belgium. 18th Feb. 2019. President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker meets with a Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. — Photo by Ale_Mi

Following Nancy Pelosi’s high-profile visit in 2022, a series of congressional delegations have traveled to Taiwan, showing U.S. support against CCP pressures.

Rep. Bacon’s Insights

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Rep. Don Bacon emphasized the importance of supporting Taiwan against the CCP’s aggression, suggesting that U.S. military aid is crucial for Taiwan’s defense.

U.S. Defense Aid

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Bacon advocates for supplying Taiwan with defensive weapons and materials to deter a potential attack from China, highlighting the strategic importance of such support.

Military Assistance

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The U.S. has no formal diplomatic ties with Taiwan but maintains a robust relationship through the Taiwan Relations Act, facilitating military equipment provision for Taiwan’s defense.

American Public Support

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The Reagan National Defense Survey reveals growing U.S. public support for defending Taiwan, with an increasing percentage favoring U.S. military intervention if necessary.

Bipartisan Delegation Visit

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Rep. Mike Rogers led a bipartisan congressional delegation to Taiwan, advocating for increased defense funding, signaling strong bipartisan support for Taiwan’s security.

Arms Sales to Taiwan

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The U.S. has made significant arms sales to Taiwan in recent years, including a notable package through the Foreign Military Financing program, enhancing Taiwan’s defense capabilities.

Legislation for Defense

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The Taiwan Enhanced Resilience Act authorizes $10 billion in grants and loans for military equipment to Taiwan, aiming to deter CCP aggression through strengthened defense.

CCP’s Military Harassment

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The CCP has increased its military activities around Taiwan, deploying aircraft and vessels close to the island, underscoring the urgent need for international support for Taiwan’s defense.

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