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Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Daughter and Other Pro-Palestine Campers Suspended and ‘Evicted’ From Barnard College

Isra Hirsi, daughter of Representative Ilhan Omar, has been suspended from Barnard College at Columbia University following her participation in pro-Palestinian demonstrations. 

The protests, which have swept through the campus, criticize the U.S. government’s stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict and challenge ongoing military aid to Israel.

During the prolonged protests, Hirsi was among over a hundred students arrested under directives from university authorities, leading to charges of trespassing. 

Shortly thereafter, Barnard College decided to suspend Hirsi and two other students, effectively revoking their campus housing and dining privileges.

“At that moment, we made an announcement to the camp — because there were an overwhelming amount of Barnard students at camp — and let them know that we had been basically evicted and not allowed into our space, but also officially suspended,” she said.

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Hirsi described the shock among her fellow students as they realized their access to basic necessities like housing and food had been cut off.

Following the suspension, Hirsi and other students were detained, with Hirsi herself restrained in zip ties for hours. 

The primary concern post-release was basic: finding a place to sleep and securing personal belongings under tight restrictions imposed by the college.

The suspension barred Hirsi from entering the campus, isolating her from her personal belongings and severing her from routine academic and living environments. 

She expressed uncertainty about her future access to her college residence.

Post-suspension, accessing food became a significant hurdle. 

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Hirsi recounted her struggle to obtain meals, highlighting the delayed and inadequate response from the college in providing essential support to the suspended students.

“It’s pretty horrible,” she summed it up.

Barnard College defended its decision, emphasizing the need to maintain a safe and non-discriminatory educational environment. 

The college stated that while suspended students lost access to most facilities, they were still entitled to essential services like health and academic support.

The Biden administration has criticized the ongoing campus protests as antisemitic, a claim contested by many participants, including a notable portion of Jewish students. 

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These protests have ignited similar movements across various prestigious universities nationwide.

Protest leaders and participants have expressed frustration over the portrayal of their actions in the media, arguing that broader political and social controversies are overshadowing their genuine advocacy.

As tensions remain high on campus and the legal implications for suspended students like Hirsi continue to unfold, the national conversation around the Israel-Hamas conflict and U.S. foreign policy persists. 

The situation at Columbia is a microcosm of the broader, polarized responses to international events and domestic policy choices.

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