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Rep. Jayapal Calls Biden’s Proposed Migrant Asylum Seekers Restrictions an ‘Extremely Disappointing Mistake’

Rep. Pramila Jayapal has strongly objected to President Biden’s potential new asylum policy.

She believes blocking migrants from seeking asylum would be an ‘Extremely Disappointing Mistake’

Jayapal’s Statement

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On X, Jayapal expressed her disappointment, highlighting that such policies have failed for the past 30 years.

She argues for a humane approach to immigration reform.

Comparison to Previous Administration

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Jayapal warns against adopting strategies reminiscent of the Trump administration.

She insists on the importance of leading with dignity and humanity.

Biden Faces Pressure

Credits: Depositphotos – (NEW) President of the United States Joe Biden delivers remarks on a possible default of the debt in a speech at Westchester Community College in Valhalla, New York. May 10, 2023. — Photo by thenews2.com

The Biden administration is under increasing pressure to address migration and the asylum system.

Critics say the system is broken needing urgent reform.

Potential Use of Legal Authority

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Reports suggest Biden may use authority known as 212f to manage illegal border crossings.

This approach aims to tighten control between ports of entry.

Bipartisan Border Agreement Efforts

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A bipartisan agreement in the Senate sought to improve asylum screening and speed up the process.

It represented a comprehensive effort to reform border management.

The Agreement’s Collapse

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Despite initial support, the bipartisan bill failed, mainly due to opposition from former President Trump.

The failure highlighted deep divisions in immigration policy.

Progressive Democrats’ Critique

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Progressive Democrats, including Jayapal, criticized the failed bill.

They seek more humane and practical solutions to immigration challenges.

White House Response

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The White House has not detailed the proposed executive actions but emphasizes the need for a bipartisan solution.

They highlight the limitations of executive power in addressing immigration reform comprehensively.

Calls for Legislative Action

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Spokesperson Angelo Fernández Hernández urges House Republicans to support a bipartisan deal.

He highlights the administration’s commitment to border security and immigration system reform.

Importance of Congressional Support

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Hernández points out that significant policy reforms and resources are needed from Congress.

He stresses that executive actions alone cannot achieve these goals.

Negotiations for Border Security Bill

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Months of negotiations aimed to deliver a fair and strict border security bill.

The administration sought to find common ground for lasting solutions.

Executive Action’s Limitations

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The White House acknowledges that executive measures have their limits.

They advocate for legislative action to secure the border and fix immigration issues.

Bipartisan Deal Advocacy

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The administration continues to call on Speaker Johnson and House Republicans.

They seek passage of the bipartisan deal for comprehensive border security.

Jayapal’s Vision for Immigration Reform

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Rep. Jayapal’s criticisms underscore a broader debate on how to approach immigration reform.

She advocates for policies that reflect dignity, humanity, and a departure from past enforcement-only strategies.

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