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Report Reveals DeSantis Super PAC’s Debate Strategy

Report Reveals DeSantis Super PAC’s Debate Strategy

According to a recently surfaced document reported by The New York Times, a strategy for an upcoming Republican presidential primary debate suggests that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis should defend former President Donald Trump and strategically address his rivals. The document, which was posted online by a firm associated with DeSantis’s super PAC “Never Back Down,” provides advice and research memos to guide DeSantis’s approach in the debate.

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The Times reported that the document outlines several key points for DeSantis’s debate strategy:

  1. Attack Joe Biden and the media multiple times.
  2. Present DeSantis’s positive vision for the country.
  3. Respond to rival Vivek Ramaswamy by countering his points.
  4. Defend Donald Trump in absentia, particularly in response to any attacks from Chris Christie.

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Super PACs, such as “Never Back Down,” are allowed to raise funds to support candidates but are restricted from direct collaboration with the campaigns themselves. The document’s recommendations highlight the emphasis on attacking Democratic figures, promoting DeSantis’s own vision, and addressing criticism from fellow Republicans.

The emergence of this strategy document sheds light on the intricacies of campaign planning and the strategic considerations involved in preparing for debates, especially in the context of a competitive presidential primary.

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