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Republican Congressman Accuses Kevin McCarthy of Assault amid Chaotic Day in Congress

In a tumultuous day on Capitol Hill, a Republican lawmaker has accused former Speaker Kevin McCarthy of assaulting him in a Capitol hallway. Rep. Tim Burchett, who is one of eight GOP members who voted to remove McCarthy from his position, called the alleged incident a “sad asterisk” on McCarthy’s career.

McCarthy denied intentionally striking Burchett and stated that if he had, Burchett would have fallen to the ground.

Burchett attributed any alleged intent behind the assault to McCarthy’s anger towards the group of Republicans who supported Rep. Matt Gaetz’s motion to vacate the chair.

Burchett urged people to refer to the Twitter account of Claudia Grisales, a reporter from NPR, who claimed to have witnessed the incident and accurately reported what happened.

According to Grisales, McCarthy forcefully brushed past Burchett while he was being interviewed in a hallway following a conference. Grisales stated that Burchett then lunged towards her. Initially thinking it was a joke, Grisales soon realized the seriousness of the situation as Burchett confronted McCarthy about elbowing him in the back.

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McCarthy, however, denied elbowing Burchett, stating that he would not intentionally hit someone in the kidney. Burchett jokingly mentioned that Grisales, being a reporter for a left-wing public radio network, would not typically defend him politically, but her tweets appeared to support his version of events.

Speaking about the dysfunction in Congress, Burchett expressed hope that newly appointed Speaker Mike Johnson will have more success in passing individualized spending bills compared to McCarthy.

Burchett criticized McCarthy for taking extended breaks during his tenure, resulting in rushed and pork-filled budgets.

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Meanwhile, tensions flared in a Senate hearing chaired by Sen. Bernie Sanders, where Teamsters union boss Sean O’Brien was confronted by Sen. Markwayne Mullin.

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The confrontation arose from a series of social media posts between the two, with O’Brien calling Mullin a “greedy CEO.” Mullin read a tweet from O’Brien that he interpreted as a challenge to fight, leading Mullin to suggest settling the matter then and there.

Sanders intervened, reminding them they were in a Senate hearing and urging them to stop.

In another hearing, Rep. Jared Moskowitz engaged in a discussion with Rep. James Comer about shell companies, LLCs, and the Biden family. Moskowitz drew a parallel between Comer’s alleged involvement with his brother and the allegations against Hunter Biden.

Comer vehemently denied the accusation and insultingly referred to Moskowitz as a “smurf.”

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