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Republican George Santos Faces Possible Expulsion Vote in US House

On Friday, the US House of Representatives will vote on whether to expel Republican George Santos, who is currently facing criminal corruption charges and allegations of campaign money misuse.

This move comes after an internal report by his colleagues suggested that federal prosecutors should consider additional charges against the first-term lawmaker.

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To pass, the motion requires a two-thirds majority in the House, which is currently controlled by Republicans with a slim majority of 222-213. Despite concerns about setting a precedent, House Speaker Mike Johnson stated that party leaders will not interfere with how individual Republicans choose to vote.

Initially scheduled for Thursday, the vote is now expected to take place on Friday, according to anonymous Republican aides.

Santos represents a competitive district that includes a small portion of New York City and its eastern suburbs. The bipartisan Ethics Committee released a report on November 16, detailing allegations of campaign finance fraud committed by Santos.

The report highlighted a continuous pattern of poor financial recordkeeping and the misuse of campaign funds, which has raised doubts about the House’s integrity.

Previously, Santos pleaded not guilty to federal charges, including laundering campaign funds for personal expenses and unauthorized credit card charges to donors, among other campaign finance violations. In response to the report, Santos announced that he would not seek reelection in 2024 but refused to step down before then.

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The Ethics Committee also referred potential criminal conduct to the Justice Department, involving falsified loans reported during Santos’ unsuccessful 2020 campaign, improper loan repayments, and systemic reporting errors in both the 2020 and 2022 campaigns.

The report further revealed extravagant and potentially illegal spending of campaign funds, such as thousands of dollars on Botox, luxury brands like Hermes, and smaller purchases from OnlyFans, a website known for adult content.

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A previous vote to expel Santos on November 1 failed because Republicans needed Santos’ seat to maintain their narrow House majority, which allows them to impede President Joe Biden’s legislative agenda. However, it remains uncertain whether Santos will receive the same level of support in a second vote.

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Some of the 182 Republicans who opposed expulsion have stated that they would not vote the same way again. Santos gained public attention when it was revealed by media outlets that he had fabricated nearly all aspects of his personal and professional history, including falsely claiming employment at Goldman Sachs and Citibank, as well as a graduation from New York University.

This revelation led to his isolation by fellow House members and made him a target of ridicule by late-night TV comedians. Santos has since admitted to fabricating significant portions of his resume.

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